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Full Version: Pandaladies sketchbook
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Hi, this is my sketchbook : ) feel free to critique or comment or whatever, I'm trying to do more lifedrawings, to practise for a second attempt at this school:

Enjoy ; )

Nice start to your sketchbook! Looks like you've got a good handle on portraits and figures.
(04-29-2014, 05:03 AM)Hypnagogic_Haze Wrote: [ -> ]Nice start to your sketchbook! Looks like you've got a good handle on portraits and figures.

thank you : ) still need lots of practise tho,I'll probably fill this up more when school is over.
looks interesting :) keep going
These are a bit older...

nice drawing man! real expressive stuff going on. you got a real good sense of proportions and having all your characters feel cohesive and not lopsisded. post more!
i had to dig into your profile to find your sketchbook, put a link in your sig!
Thank you @asks9 : )

I fixed my signature ^^ I'm usually not on forums so its all kinda new to me, thanks for pointing it out : D




I feel like I've been slacking on posting quite a bit, I should have time to post now this summer, gonna train like hell for the animationworkshop portfolio : )

would it be ok to post my final year in animation film in this thread?
Its your sketchbook, I'm pretty sure you can post whatever the hell you want!

That said, good luck with your work.

This is my final year film that I made and I'm proud of it : ), watch if you'd like to : 3
trying to do heads, i manage to make them human looking but i can't really capture the likeness agh


some gestures


I haven't been posting as much as i should, these are kinda old, but I'll keep posting so it'll catch up with the times pretty quick : )


been worokin on this for some hours now phew feel free to crit
I really like some of your stylized work- like the afro guy portrait. Cool style but also shows knowledge of facial structure. As for your latest piece, the perspective is dynamic but the woman looks kind of off. I think the kicking thigh is a bit short - check some ref. It's a also hard to see the kicking foot due to low contrast with the table/shadow. And for composition, try moving the focus of the image off-center.