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[Image: 2ujmjad.jpg]
[Image: 2u4lpwj.jpg]

gonna do some 3d soon
messing around
Gonna crank out some zbrush shit tomorrow or sometime soon
messing around with my med bot a little
[Image: 14mv2nt.jpg]
Todays work.
dusting off some rust
[Image: 2hmo83l.jpg]
[Image: 2nbu3wo.jpg]
[Image: sqihxz.jpg]
:o I absolute love your works.. are you on dA? Really like the whole dark, massacre, twisted (etc) type stuff and executed so well... keep up the art and the improvements. <3
Hey thanks.
I am a huge fan of your art as well
great work
I have a da, a ca and a polycount
although Im banned for 6 months from ca, They lie too much over there.
I kinda like it here, less haters
todays mech
[Image: 20haakj.jpg]
[Image: 315l73n.jpg]
Cool work man!

The only thing I have to say is... you're not deviating thaat much from the primary shape of your characters. It looks like a big form, with various little forms attached to it. Try to make more "medium forms".. Medium forms that impact the silhouette in some way... may be positive or negative shapes. I think you will achieve way cooler designs!

Experiment with it a lot! And good luck!
Well thanks for that crit as I am still in my infancy with zbrush
Yes, I need to have more medium shapes and detail
its hard to do
todays shit/phail
[Image: 15hhq49.jpg]
[Image: o2m9.jpg]
[Image: 6qlet5.jpg]
[Image: 24l4jr5.jpg]
On this day, with my storm piece
I tell the future yet again
of a corrupt county and a large group of evil
that got what they deserve
Vengeance is mine

dont fuck with me
rough sketch
[Image: 2jg3teh.jpg]
[Image: 2qi5u6v.jpg]
The Hellfire Helmet System created by Mace Michaels provides soldiers an alternate source of firepower with hands free operation
The trigger is held in the mouth between the molars and when teeth are clenched, the Hellfire System
engages destroying all enemy targets.
No more fumbling for a weapon
Released to the United States Dept. of Defense
if they so choose to make it
on this day
[Image: 1531gsk.jpg]

I am unhappy anout the quality of this piece.
However, the idea came across and that was the goal
Must redeem myself soon with A high level full mech
woah am I glad to have found your sketchbook man!

I like different, and although your doing mechs, I dig the final renders with the soft focus outside of the focal point you've been choosing to go with - is cool o___o
if that makes sense
Whatsup Smrr and thanks for droppin by to look at my weak sculpt progress

The Self Propelled Drone or SPD.....Is a drone that takes off and lands from aux power/ ie; fuel or electic
Once in flight, the drone uses currents of air and inlet air technologies to propel itself.
Its complicated, however imagine 2 large windmills attached to the wings that capture wind and
harness the power for a self propelled flight. Ultra light and able to be operated from the safety
of the Base, the SPD can fly for 50 times the average flight of existing drones collecting and
harnessing the power of the wind once in flight. The inlet air technology aids in power collection by
working in conjunction with the "windmills" by using ram air from the front inlet to supplement .
Once the turbine spins, the air from the turbine is recycled back through another ram air type turbo system
to regenerate the generator or turbocharge the windmill in an endless cycle of free power.
As you can imagine the power of wind current can keep a bird afloat without one flap of the wing,
and the drone uses the same philosophy.
Released to the United States Dept. of Defense on this day

First draft sucks but the idea is workable
[Image: 2h2gqop.jpg]

I release all my concepts to the DOD to prevent INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY THEFT from out of country and in country companies and corporations.
stealing any idea and creating any product close to my products will be punishable by law
If the DOD chooses to make the product on not, it does not matter as they own the idea forthright
I support the USA and our Military and all our troops
God Bless America
fuck all your dumb shit
im the best that ever lived
[Image: 2na2p0y.jpg]

[Image: 2ppzrrs.jpg]
Friends forever
[Image: 30c0l04.jpg]
[Image: i1wizr.jpg]
[Image: 351a438.jpg]
Stuff is dope man! HAHAHA i like the image with "lucifer" faintly burned onto the image. Do you aspire to work as a 3d artist professionally or is this hobby stuff...? I don't know much about the field, but i think you have a good grasp on the discipline.

I'm sure you heard of Marc Brunet: have you tried painting on top of your sculpts?

I hope everything is fine...we all got our demons, but we gotta try our best NOT to infect others with our toxicity! Channel your frustration through art and let time handle the rest.

Keep it up!!!
Well thanks Dr Phil, no, I plan to win the Nobel Prize instead. My method of smack talking comes from a sports background and is a lost art that actually drives myself and others to get better. On the surface it may seem toxic, but in reality it is a way to move forward for the strong.
As far as art goes, its for the tortoise and I could lay off for 6 months and come back and still blow away any art made within that time period. The hoverboard was made 9 months after my spitfire idea was posted and now the hoverboard spits fire. My weather shield was posted about a year before the people made a commercial about the "Flying Umbrella" rofl. In a nutshell, whatever i do is Gold
Stay cool man
and get better
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