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Full Version: Drawlloween 2014
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It's here, it's back, and it wants revenge!!

1 monster a day for 31 days!!!

This year with prompts!

Here is the calendar I'm follow this year. I'm also combining each day with Inktober, so I'll be going traditional first, then painting in Photoshop.


Remember to #Drawlloween to see other artists' work!
That's a good idea! I think I have a list of monster here somewhere... but I won't have time to paint it fully for this tho.
Might follow the calender you've got, not sure. Just a random horror type quick sketch for the first one though.
The Calendar is supposed to be super one to interpretation.

Thriller Killer:

Day 3 FreakShow
Splatterday and Funday Clown:

Day 6, Satan!

Day 7: Blood Beach