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Full Version: International Self-Portrait Day! 2014
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Hey Daggers!

It is Self-Portrait day again! Weee~! I'm making this thread so we all have a place to post our self portraits together!
So don't be shy, all skill levels are encouraged to take part! ~Bonus XP for mirror usage~

Finish your portrait a day late? Find the thread a week after the 1st? Feel like you missed the boat? NONSENSE! Post anyway!
Prisoner 5283
My second attempt at self portrait ever , horribru but sort of close lol.
thx for making a thread, atrenr :)

trying something new, hoping to get better at these by the next self portrait day.
Here's my quick-'n'-questionable entry for the day.

[Image: uPa4URJ.jpg]
what did you expect? me and annoying lil bro
I frowned hard to try and give it some life, a smile is too hard to hold...

[Image: 9mipWFr.jpg]
3rd year. Went for a leyendecker-esque look , done using a mirror as reference.
Took several hours longer than I thought, and it's only in black and white! ... also hadn't cut hair in 2 months, so it's turning into a bird nest.


And just for lols... and to waste more time...

my neck hurts. ps - Your more beautifully majestic then I could have ever imagined Fedodika.
Wooo puttin faces to the art. Fedodika - I KNEW IT!

[Image: QYQ43QH.jpg]
It's not much, but I'm proud of how much better it is than last years. The studying really paid off.

This years face. :)

[Image: G6OslLf.jpg]
looket these handsome peoples, wooowie~
I came out with a bit of a douchbag look , but i had a great time doing it.
atrenr: Do you always wear green for this day?
[Image: Selfie-03.jpg]

[Image: SPDay_small_zps7a6f67cf.jpg~original]
Using a mirror this year instead of memory

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