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Full Version: Sketchbook in progress
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[i]I there, I'm pretty new in posting on Crimson Daggers and have been posting few pieces I thought were
finish in the finished thread and got advised to pop here for more sample of my work in order to receive
better advice so ... let's try to go further.

First of all, I know that I need to progress in composition / chara design / landscape / story telling aspect
( which is way abstract for me ) in order to create real complete illustrations / concepts ( abstract as
well ) etc so this is where I would like to head and maybe this should explain why I do have mainly portraits.

In another hand I had some trouble defining if my work is complete, finished or if it's still need to be worked.
Does it answer to a technical reason?
or is it because I decided to say " this is the end of it , I found it complete "
or is it because the audience decide to say : " it is finished " that the work is complete ?

Anyways let's start and of course it will be my pleasure to hear from you guys about what I'm doing.
I will probably not upload all my sketches and stuff ( should I ? ) because maybe it is not interesting
anymore unless you find it useful and in that case let me know. I will only uploads the last sample I
did so it will start slowly.

Anyways thanks a lot if you read all of the above ( you're really brave ! ) and let's begin!

So let's start with .... me where I try to work with values and looseness of edges/ also try to think
a painting/drawing as a matter of lights and shadows instead of thinking it with lines.

[Image: e7ddcca4b520ab86fe54528cdff8bb75.jpg]

and those one were for inktober that I failed in therm of regularity on my work: not a dificult task though but kinda hard to find and organise my time.

[Image: tumblr_ne1nwbXBKE1qh47dfo1_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_ndo4ksqzD11qh47dfo1_r2_1280.jpg]
[Image: 767947f45850bd2d889a0c1655382eac.jpg]
[Image: 203ce15617f8175a26f53c3138628d1c.jpg]

and this last one is my first Master study of Roberto Ferri: L'ombra Della Luna, and I noticed that the
original psd file is much better than the compressed one jpg ( obviouly of course ) but still it looks to
had loose the soft edges and " deeper " black that I have on the psd ... : Only my opinion.

[Image: fcd2fd6053643fcd942ac7c90bfc21c7.jpg]
Beautiful work so far. I think the level of finish you should shoot for is dependent on what industry you're going for. I assume illustration? I think your finished work would be acceptable for many clients. Now theres some companys that demand very highly rendered pieces but others that would accept loose painterly styles. So I guess even within illustration theres plenty of wiggle room. Just keep doing what you're doing and dont worry about it, I'd say!
That Inktober 19 piece almost comes out of the paper, great work! And I love black and white inking stuff in general. Pretty good stuff here. And in regards of the "what should I upload?"-question I guess it depends on you. We all should think more about ourselves that we SHOULD be seen/heard and I mean we're an art community so why not share your journey? I don't post everything I do, but the stuff I think is relevant to see my progress because later someone can tell me what I maybe went wrong with and guide me into a maybe better approach about whatever landscape, figure or whatever it was and it also has an additional plus: I can see my progress chronologically. And we're all improving quickly even if we think we're not.

However, welcome to the daggers :)
Thanks guys! Thank you very much.
I did a quick sketch yestrday night and wanted to share it to ya.

[Image: 11898862_879777062107064_587559857000919...e=567F1B8B]