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Full Version: Angel of death sci fi paintover please!
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Hey guys, havent posted in a while, really struggling with doing the rendering on this one.


I was fairly happy with the linework seeing as I find character extremely hard to do, but the rendering is coming out cartoony or flat.
The idea is red metal
a lot like some of those examples. I want to maintain a kinda non realistic style if that makes sense, like these
Really love the linework and design being clean if that makes sense and im hesitant to 'over render', but the gradient etc just look crap on this. I know i need to darken the bottom and somehow highlight the top subtley but its just not going my way. I've basically just blocked it in and have been experimenting but nothing working so far.
A paintover would be great!

the concept is a kinda angel of death style thing, sci fi armour mixed with mediaeval stuff ( i was thinking little red lights glowing in the gaps between the armour), the type that would be a boss fight in a game. She will have black and red accented bat wings, havent decided if mechanical or organic. Thanks!
Hey man, good luck on your application. I don't have the time to do a paintover for ya, but I think you will benefit from workflow tips more it sounds like. Check out this link, about half way down, there is a good explanation of process steps for this kind of style. It is REALLY useful and might help you.

Basically you want to layer lock the base silhouette, and then flat paint your local colours on individual layers as clipping masks, using a different one for each material type/specific area you want to be able to select / change later on. Then you use an overall multiply layer for the shadows and a screen or linear dodge layer for the highlights. That way everything is distinctly accessible and easily manipulated. You can do a few iterations real quick just by duplicating the whole setup and colour balancing the layers, adding refinement details and even changing the light and shadow areas if you wish.

Oh and if you're going to do wings, it's probably better to have all the lineart done before you start rendering I would say, just for efficiency.
Hope it helps
brilliant, a proper workflow guide is exactly what I was looking for :D I'll have a look and see how it goes mate, thanks very much.

yes you're right, also i need to know where to place some stuff so i dont get weird shapes going on. Will do that next, cheers :)
Well i don't know a ton about slick concept art rendering, but i hope even my low brow tricks could help you improve the rendering. At FZD remember they don't stress a high skill level to get in and it is more about having the capacity to create imaginary things that Could go into games. That being said, i think you're set, as you probably know feng has said they've had students come in drawing stick figures.

I basically did just a few things; one make a multiply/gel layer and hit all the things facing away from the light with a red, then adjust opacity. Then make a soft light or overlay layer and hit a red and hit all the things facing the light. Then i grabbed an airbrush and lasso/magic wand the side facing in deep shadow and created depth or atmosphere on the side. I even left all the colors for ya there to sample and try yourself

remember metal is Dark as fuck then a little bit of midtone then BRIGHT as fuck. You can still maintain the lines and stuff doing this, i hope it helps. Plus this only takes a minute or two if you know where your forms are catching light.
thanks for the paintover buddy! great idea with atmospheric perspective, she was very flat before. interestingly, i actually tried this kind of approach before but my colours looked too cartoony so i just went much more muted with it, but you've done really well with this.
will keep working on it, great points thanks.
Cool wardy, glad it helped! Hey i know this is an easy way to add form and depth but by NO means think of it as a means to an end. I was really happy that Pete and Sam adressed this in the latest critcast with the first crit

I've seen guys go their whole career just rendering with that kinda blending mode and layer technique and while yea it works and it's good for quick concepts, it's just very artificial and fake looking in a painters perspective. Just keep that in mind, being mindful of color choices and intentions are crucial to making beautiful paintings that are worth studying from!
Hey did a paint over really quick, I tried to pop the forms out alot. Take from this if you like , its just an example of what you can do. The right side has a warm light, the red paint is orange on the edge and I used a cool color to accent the other side. I used a dark and somewhat saturated purple in the shadows of the figure. Using colors inside the environment helps sell the figure. I would push one of the arms infront of the body, seems awkward having both behind her hips. Of course its your design though, good luck!

Like the koala said: feng-sama has accepted disciples with zero competency. As long as you have the funds and work ethic, you shooooouuuld be fine..? Hell yeah for improving so much in such a short amount of time.
Hey man, i wont give you a crit about your char concept because the rest of the daggers already said more then i could have said ,but i wish you luck with your application to fzd , i'm also going to study there , i recently got into the october course , so we might meet there ^^ , im sure everything will go alright .
Good luck :)
Latest update:

A lot changed, decided i didnt really know what the hell matierial i was trying to render before, and i didnt have any decent references so i scrapped the red armour idea and went more tradtional but still with red as a colour motif.
Thanks so much for all your feedback guys, you're all so awesome.

@Bluebear October intake? really! thats the one im applying for, jesus didnt know they were already accepting people! i need to get a move on. this is the last on im doing for it so i should be done within this week, hope its not too late! Would be so cool to see you there!

Thanks guys, any more crit lemme know :)
hey good job wardy, make sure to sharpen the edges at the top of the helmet they're kinda fuzzy; i like what you did on the loincloth; overall good job! just shaaarpen those edges on the top make em pointy!
oh yeah i literally havent touched the helmet yet, its just blocked in.
on that note, just found out the application for the october intake is 'full'.... i did the first stage of the application though so i really dont know what that means!
seriously gutted like hell if me preparing this for too long means i dont even get a shot this year.
it is what it is, we'll see. thanks buddy.
gonna call it finished here.
thanks for all your crit guys, all def helped in different ways.
Bummer about missing the intake man, but you have seriously improved since you first contacted me on dA ages ago so just keep at it and find your own way forward :)

There are tons of opportunities out there, with every closing door another one opens etc etc. It's frikking true, you just have to trust in it!

I'll let you in on something I just found out to hit this point home. So I've been stressing out over the last week about quitting my job as I was hammering folios at studios and freelance jobs for my last 4 weeks at the day job. No hits at all. I was getting a bit desperate.
Yesterday was my last day of guaranteed income, and I was seriously thinking about chucking it in and looking for another day job. Got enough savings for about a month or two before the bank starts to foreclose on my ass, bills coming at me like crazy.
Literally within the last two days, I applied for a delayed payment project with no funding, thinking what the hell, it might keep me busy. Today I just got off the phone with the producer and scriptwriter, they are basically in the last stages of getting full funding, he sent me over contracts and NDAs. It's an animated feature film aimed at hollywood distribution. Today is literally my first day of full time freelance. Shit. just. opened up.
I am not saying this to toot my own horn because who knows how it will pan out, but trust that whatever you set out to do isn't always the way it is planned, but if you stay open and fight the fear, shit will open up for you. :)
I think i may be ok actually, I sent them an email and they replied that a few dropped out last minute so there are like 4-5 places left before I go on the waiting list, ive sent off my portfolio and all the documents yesterday and I'm waiting on them now, i may still be too late but I can only try!

Mate I am so happy for you that is sick, even if (worst case) it doesnt pan out, that goes to show how far your quality portfolio can take you. I really hope that goes well for you, sounds like such an exciting opportunity that could really lead you anywhere! Really wish all the best for you buddy, congrats! Will let you know how FZD goes, worst case scenario I take a gap year, go travelling in asia and do my snowboard season and get some inspiration/ improve my portfolio! And thanks for the words about my improvement, I seriously owe so much to you for giving me crit every step of the way, you've been enormously helpful. Crack open the bubbly and celebrate mate, you've earned it like hell.
That's great man. Good luck on making it in, fingers crossed!

I just got contacted for another cool project this morning right after I signed contracts on the first. Stuff is snowballing.
And to think all it took was the step of chucking everything and going all in and marketing myself. My folio is literally unchanged since a year ago when I stopped painting! *sigh
I guess FZD might be like that for you; when things are ready, they are ready. And if you do go travelling and make it near NZ be sure to let me know dude. :)

I'll let you in on a secret, that for the first bunch of crits I did for you, I wasn't really sure if you were listening or would improve. I was actually a little dubious, but you really showed your grit. It just goes to show that all it takes is hard work and patience and not giving up. You've got what it takes to rock it man whatever the path.

Im not celebrating yet.....gotta make this freelance thing sustainable. It only lasts until the next contract.
thats so awesome, I guess once you've got a bit of freelance work under your belt then it helps leading onto the next one. and ive been thinking about it more and more, im kinda scared im gonna get out of FZD and somehow suddenly get a load of great job opportunities and have to turn them down for a travel year! still I'm always gonna regret it if I dont see more of the world, I'm far too stuck in the UK and I'm itching to get out (which is half the appeal of living in Singapore!). I may genuinely visit around there because one of my friends and my godfather lives there, so I'll give you a shout if I'm around!

haha i just had a look at some of my old work and my replies to your crit 'I didnt know how much perspective this would use' is my favourite for sure! hah yeah looking back on them it does look at lot like I wasnt taking in your advice, but I really was trying to, just not in a very focussed way, which slowed down any improvement. thanks buddy, that means a lot.

Life of a freelancer man! keep grinding out the work and it'll keep coming mate.