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Full Version: Oldboy sketchbook
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Here are some half assed but recent things from imagination. Hope you like'm. I greatly appreciate honest opinions and critiques of course.
Still life of a soldering pen.
Progress on the still life. I think i'm finished with it. And here are soms random sketches from this morning. I will do more studies later today.
A study
Character concept.
I think im finished. I would like to hear your thoughts and crits. :)
You'r doing soooo good! keep it up!!
Here is an update.
thanks for the reply on my SB ! yup i need to really have a clear goal in mind. so far im trying to get better at drawing characters. so im focusing on gesture and anatomy. grinding on it makes me feel i could do something to make me progress faster. but i guess it just takes time . im only trying to draw and when im confident ill go paint.
All I can say is post more often, only critique I have, unless you're drawing and posting somewhere else. Keep at it buddy.
@Zearthus: I will try to post a bit more frequently here.  

This is something that I did today. Its not finished. And frankly it is kinda bland, compositionally speaking and seen from the narrative side of things as well. I want to put more time in making intresting compositions with better value structures and narratives. Does anyone know a good exercises or thinking process when it comes to developng these aspects? Im intresting in hearing it. Any other feedback is welcomed as well and will be much appreciated.
More random stuff.
I'm going to be doing more colour paintings soon.
Here is some colour
Lovely works thus far, look forward to seeing more from you!! Keep it up x
Yeah, great studies. Keep at it! Thumbs_up
Great stuff, dude! Your black and white paintings are particularly nice, I love the brushstrokes. Can't wait to see more, keep it up.
You're doing great!

I'm really enjoying your black and whites! Keep up the hard work!
Thanks for the encouragement guys! Seriously, it makes me very happy to hear that you like my stuff somewhat!

I need to work on my values in my colour pieces more though, they are so weak. This one landscape was inspired by an awesome artist named Sydney long and his midday painting.
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