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Full Version: Shifty Demon
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Hey guys

I'm pretty happy with how I've done on this one, but as with all my work I really struggle at the end to see the piece objectively and identify what needs to change and what needs to be refined, so I would appreciate any opinions you might have.

Are there glaring issues with the overall tone/lighting/layout/structure?

Is it worth my time to go in and continue rendering some/all of it?


[Image: Shifty%20Demon%20-%20Preliminary%20v11.jpg]
Is this an evil character? If yes, it could be nice detail to add blood-shot eyes or bad teeth.

It could also be worth it to really take this illustration up by adding veins on his hands, and make that curly golden fabric design more reflective to the light.

His wet eyeball should also catch more of the fire light from that angle.