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Full Version: Asexual Family-WIP
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Well, here goes nothing.

For the first time in a while, after doing studies and exercises (such as the Scott Robertson drawing exercises), I've decided to do another illustration from imagination. For this, I'm employing a different approach to how I've worked before, in which I'm attempting to work in 3D shapes, rather than lines. Below is a start to the aforementioned new illustration. I've plotted out the basic 3D shapes that the subjects are comprised of.

What I'm requesting feedback on here is how the structure of this looks so far, as I've been told my work lacks structure in particular. How is this as a foundation to build upon for this illustration? Am I doing this correctly?

[Image: 4wTEllTl.jpg]

Once I get some feedback and tweak it as required, I'll post the further stages of the piece for later critique.

Thank you.
I'd give the character more breathing space. Right now it's cropped very close to the edge of the image, and it's creating a stifling feel. Either give them more space around the edge - and it dosen't mean you have to do a background - or crop it like a portrait painting. Just don't leave a sliver of space between the subject of a painting and the edge.

The circular disk perspective is off, if that's a circle viewed in perspective. If yes, get a cylindrical tin - like tinned soup or vege, and use that for reference. If you're up for Oppa Gurney Style (gets punched for gangnam style pun), take the empty can and cut out parts of it to make it look like it has 4 legs, and use that for perspective and placing reference for the 4 legs.

Hope that helps.
Thank you for the feedback, Meat. The amount of negative space in the piece is only temporary, I will crop it further down the line. I'll do what you said and study a cyndrilical can. Thank you once again. I'll make sure to post the updated work in progress once I've tweaked it accordingly.
Ok, I tweaked the sketch in accordance with the critique I was given. Does this look any better?

[Image: GZUKKJTh.jpg]
Here's the finished thing. I won't bother rambling about it. Here it is.

[Image: GdVklAJ.png]