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Full Version: (Beginner)Wallpaper Paintover Request
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Hey all. I am new to Crimson Daggers and over the past couple months have really began studying my fundamentals and trying to improve myself as an artist. Because my color theory is still very meh (Once I finish with Anatomy studies and Form studies I will improve it), I am doing this image in greyscale because I am still working on my values. A lot of the trouble I have had with this image has to do with my edgework.

After doing several thumbnails and finally taking a liking to my current composition, I have begun rendering and working out any kinks I found in the thumbnail. I usually don't do pieces completely from imagination like this, using little to no reference. I am about 3 hours into this painting, and am taking a very speed-painting like approach, which is something I usually do not do. While I am still defining light sources (And will probably have to redo a lot of my rendering because I do not believe they are obvious enough, I am feeling kind of stuck with the sky, which needs some perspective fixes. I have used a hard round brush for most of this picture so far, so the clouds do not have the aesthetic that I would like.

So far, I have only rendered the character and the mountains on the left side to my liking. I am requesting a paintover or redline on some of the more egregious errors before I move forward so I have less difficulty finishing this image. Because you are all more experienced artists than I and certainly have a better grasp on your fundamentals, I know you all would understand how to give the image a more rendered and realistic appeal.

Link to dropbox with PSD (Older Monitor has had some color profiling issues lately saving my images):
After looking at it after a 12 hr break, I realized my values were way off when I began to look at the thumbnail. I was using too deep blacks, and much to white whites. Fixed.

Heya Freyja, did a paintover, or paint redo.

I think you had perspective issues. I flattened out the perspective a bit more. I separated the foreground and background/midground even further. I also added a close foreground element (bushes) to create more depth.

Your figure needs anatomy and proportion work. The blurry things, I imagined as drones of some sort, so I made them clearer. I also added focal points which your piece was lacking. These are the circles in the lower image with the coloured lines on it below. The figure, the castle thing in the distance and the near bush. You can keep breaking up your canvas with the rule of thirds to get more than one focal point in a painting.
Notice also that the 3 focal points create a triangle that allows the eye to move around the painting yet keep it within the canvas. When I was doing the painting, all elements were designed to help drive this triangle. The bush points towards the castle. The slope of the foreground hill points from the bush to the figure. The river and the midground hills flow from the figure to the castle. etc.

Also added your original as an attachment. It makes it easier for people browsing the thread :)
Hope that helps
Thank you so much! Your rule of 3rds overlay and paintover were really helpful in finding where I went wrong.