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Full Version: Critique my portfolio!
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Hello fellow artists.
I'd appreciate it if you'd critique my portfolio at

Am I ready to get any gig?

Assume I have no Idea where I strand at, cause I often feel like I get tunnel vision when it comes to my pieces.

Look rather amateur to me.
I'm no pro myself so a bit hard to pinpoint exactly what..
I guess anatomy, color, rendering, composition, concept..
Obviously you have talent but pretty far from a professional level
I think you can take some low freelance gigs. I mean, "professional" is an ambiguous term. For some people professional means getting paid for your work which could even be a shit drawing, and if you get paid for it, then you are professional technically, some people associate the word with having a world class lvl portfolio.

But anyways, I think your portoflio needs focus. There is a couple of nothing portraits, some nothing sketches, some studies, a couple illustrations. Just Do your best work and put it up man, Dont put up your sketches or studies, you wont get hired for those. A portfolio is not your personal art dump.

So yea, i think you cant take some jobs from personal clients. I remember my first freelance ever was painting a character illustration for a personal client, I was worse than you, haha but he paid 120$ for a shitty painting. Not to diminish myself, i mean, its a valued skill, he wouldnt be able to draw that, that was money well deserved. I'm just saying, there is companies like Paizo that payed that same amount of money for much higher quality. The point being that, YES you can take some work at your lvl. And possibly make a decent buck out of it for where you are at.
When you first click into Illustrations, consider having a menu of thumbnails for the viewers to see how many there are and which to look at. If a client liked an image they saw earlier, make it easy for them to jump back to it from the thumbnail menu instead of keep clicking backwards and forwards until they find it. They might get annoyed.
A portfolio aim to seduce a recruiter so you should determine what are the best work suit too impress them.The best advice is to know the art style they are looking for and put it in there.

There 2 kind of portfolio a showcase and a target porfolio

The showcase is a compilation of the best work you have aim to advertise you're previous work
The targeted portfolio is a compilation of work that fit the need of a recruiter

Step for a good porfolio

1) Quality over quantity
2) Simple(easy to look at)
3) Accessible(easy to contact you)
4)Relevance essential if you choose a targeted portfolio
optional-Diversity of art style(if you don't know exactly what there looking for in term of art style for the project you apply for)
Thanks guys.

Jeso, just to be clear, what link did you click?