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Full Version: My Digital Sketchbook
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A value study and my first post on here, thrilled to start posting on this thread as often as possible!!
Dont forget to squint, often! ;)
Sure will do that, thx buddy! :)
btw this is my first post in here, I'll be posting more on here.
Value study N#2 :)
This took me over 2 hours, what do you guys think??
they need more contrast especially for the helm
Old man bleeding, leave me you thoughts guys would love to hear them!
Some more studies Mean smile
Rabbit on Desk, Happy Easter :D
Done my first master study, took way too long around 4 hours, by hey I'm here to learn :)

I started by drawing first and then painting the values and last ruffly added some color to it,

Let me know your thoughts and critics, thanks!
Cool sketchbook here, I find myself the community here helps me alot, I hope it proves to be as helpful for you. Starting out I would suggest look at some fundamentals again, like take some time to study the proportions. Also I would agree with Audie, in the matter of your contrast you seem to be caught in using too many middle gray values instead a variety and the whole b/w spectrum. Try and study the values and how they apply because I can see that your blacks are not so black and your whites are not quite there. Keep up the good work and study like crazy :)
Hey @Tsirides thanks for the awesome critique! I sure agree with everything you said but in my unconscious mind its like 'don't go too dark or too light' hehe it's something that I need to work on and got to remind myself that's it's ok to go that one step further, I'll keep posing as often as possible.
This community is awesome!! I just love the idea of being surrounded by so many artists, cause I'm missing[/code] that in the real world...!
hey guys what do you think of my drawing? I think I still have a long way to get there, could have been better, figure and pose from imagination, outfit and gear from refs.
Trying out this new style of sketching, I sure enjoy it and hopefully I 'll be making more of them!!
Second & third are Study sheets and the rest is memory sketch Toothless
hit me if you got any critiques, it will be highly appreciated!!
WIP for this character design I'm trying out, I need some help!! colors are always going pale when I save the file!! what file is best to use in the first place and what type of file to save?
To be honest I never thought of it. Almost alwayas my drawing end up in ".jpg" mostly and i think that's good type of file. Maybe there is problem with your type of the monitor. "Having a display that can produce the most accurate colors to the real world is vital to the artist when working on their computer." Also, there are other things like if you have weird light in your room that reflects on your screen. Or maybe you just don't use right colors. xD There're various factors for this thing to happen.

And i really like design of this character. I just think that this red is little too much red on some places but since it's not finished i'll let you do this 1st then i'll comment. :3 In any case keep it up. :D
Hey Stonedpanda, thanks for dropping by and helping me out but this one came out alright actually!! :D you maked me laugh when you said: 'maybe you just don't use right colors' hahahaha it's true maybe I'm not but hey we're here to learn ;) one more thing, how do you do that sketchbook to click on so it will be easier for people to just click on it instead of copy/past the like, thanks again and see you around dude :)
Well this is what come out, poop!! Bomb
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