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Full Version: Rembrandt van Leeuwen's Sketchbook
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Thanks for stopping by in this thread! :)

My name is Rembrandt van Leeuwen from the Netherlands.
Here I will post my journey to become better at art!
(Will be posting finished/unfinished work, sketches and studies! )

Comments & Critiques are more than welcome!

One of my Artworks:
[Image: Naamloos-28%20Final_zpssl9hyda0.jpg]
Here are some of my works:

Reptile Study:
[Image: reptilestudies4croppedfb_zpszb4hpfhg.jpg]

Movie Still Study:

[Image: 10866211_10204965514370372_9230401097864...krnaph.jpg]

[Image: portraitstudy%20black%20and%20white%205%...rvavtv.jpg]

Statue Study:
[Image: STATUE3fb_zpsidbdj1iz.jpg]
Lagertha Study:[Image: fb3_zpsfb4vc63a.jpg]

Armor Concept:
[Image: medievalguyconcept8fb_zps7e5kod90.jpg]

[Image: francisboucherstudy3fb_zpsmds0hcog.jpg]

Francois Boucher Study WIP

C&C is very welcome! ^^
[Image: sphere%20study1%20color%20fb_zpszgwk29l8.jpg]

Quick sphere/lighting study.

Going back to basics!
[Image: facevaluestudyfb_zpsgl480uwc.jpg]

Quick rough face value study!
[Image: reptilestudies4croppedfb_zpszb4hpfhg.jpg]

Lizard study. Trying to understand scales and am preparing for an upcoming painting of a dragon perhaps :)
[Image: francoisaugustebiardstudy2fb_zpspzlp0td2.jpg]

Quick François-Auguste Biard Study

Still a bit uncomfortable with mountains. Any advice on how to make the mountains more clean/fitting?
Quick Master Studies in Thumbnails, training in environments!

[Image: nailthumbs3fb_zpshpj187bo.jpg]
[Image: barbarian%20concept%203_zpsjzib02zh.jpg]

Berserker (Character Design)
[Image: sorceress10fb_zpsk4aztukg.jpg]

Sorceress (Character Design)

Focusing on characters for a while! :)
Not sure on the boots yet, tho
Any critique welcome!
[Image: taurielstudy8mirroredfb_zpsk03wwdgh.jpg]

Tauriel Study

Practising in lighting :)
[Image: dragonhead7_zps4p7x1lkf.jpg]

Some dragon designs!
Any advice?
[Image: studystuff9fb_zpse9ftfnfn.jpg]
Arthur Hacker Study!
Will be doing more master studies, feels like I'm learning a lot! :)
[Image: thumbnailsketchesv2_zpsjrn9fz22.jpg]

Thumbnail sketches. Getting some ideas out :)
I really like the painterly appearance of a lot of your stuff, particularly the reptile piece you did. I would say though that your blending could be a bit more thorough in places.
Great sketchbook. I agree with stardustLarva, I really like the painterly feel.
Hello Rembrandt!

Good start here. I agree with the guys about the painterly feel. I really enjoy it.

I think that if you work on the edges and try to render a little more your paintings will look much better.

Almost forget to say that the Lagertha study is pretty cool :D

Keep going!
Thanks a lot for the compliments and advice! Really appreciated, will apply it to my future work! :)

Here are some more WIP-ish pieces I've worked on, more polished pieces coming up however!

[Image: portaitconceptsu13fb_zpsmgi2egit.jpg]

[Image: mechwarrior11_zpscr0ranfl.jpg]
[Image: GoTStudy1part9finalfbconceptartorg_zpsepwc3hdn.jpg]

Game of Thrones Still Study! :)
[Image: character%20concept%2013fb_zpssuxix4ep.jpg]


Really nice brushstrokes in most of these <3

Yay for upcoming polished pieces! Keep it up!
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