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Full Version: will work for critiques or tacquitos :D
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[attachment=68163]To any beginners reading this, the ilidan drawing is a good example of why you should map out your proportions before jumping into details; the head is small as shit and I don't know that I'll finish it because of this :l.

The other stuff is a couple of homeless guys I drew off of google as a warmup and a little bulbasaur I'm working on from imagination. I kind of hit a wall with it but I'll pick it back up, my rendering knowledge is pretty dicey and I didn't even have a form realized in my head when I began the drawing so that's likely the cause of my problems.

On the bright side my friend gave me a gift card for my birthday so I bought some oil paints :D I have a split complementary palette at the moment and I've gessoe'd a few surfaces but I'm not sure if I want to try and jump into painting or focus on drawing; maybe monochromes? idk.

This other stuff is from a looooong time ago. Animal drawings from some book mostly.

Hey man finish the illidan piece and blow the head up in photoshop using liquify. :) You can always tweak proportions when you scan it in and use digital media.
Some nice studies and also the ilidan looks badass. Especially the details on his wings:)
For the portrait I feel like the scale of values could be a bit more extended in both sides: dark and bright.

Keep up the nice work! :)
Cool stuff brother bear ! i predict a bright future ^^
Thanks so much for the encouragement guys. It's nice to be part of a community again even though I've only just kind of poked my head in. I hope to learn a lot and be of what help I can.

AngeliquevdMee: I'll finish it, I've already put like 9 hours into it so I might as well. It's on newsprint so I'll probably try and take it to like a Kinko's or something to make a print before it wrinkles and yellows too much. A friend of mine who's also a World of Warcraft player saw it and expressed a lot of enthusiasm about it so I'll probably give it to him as a gift. Thanks for the tip though, the wing is off too but I guess I could do a digital correction and then a print. Iunno :l

Thanks eliyah153, I'm gonna follow your critique and do a self portrait with some more contrast. I had wanted to do some studies of the planes of the head in preparation for this but I found out pretty quickly that my head construction fundamentals are fairly lacking. So I'm going back to the basics. I want to be better at drawing from my imagination.

I'll post some more stuff later today but this is what I've got for now; goin back to Loomis. I was struggling mentally with the orientation of the head but I realized that the gaze of the face isn't necessarily oriented to the equator of the sphere and it helped a bit. I'm still going to do more though as I'm still making some errors.

Fiddled around with the bulbasaur a bit, just kind of playing with stuff and trying to creep up on my values.
So I sprained my shoulder yesterday taking a throw wrong which has made drawing a little bit more difficult. I can't really draw from the elbow or shoulder but I'm still doing some head construction stuff. Gonna do 100 and see if I still have problems to address. At the moment I'm having difficulty with downward and upward facing poses but I think I'll be able to address the problems pretty easily.
So I've been schoolin up on some Hampton trying to work out some different construction problems that come up frequently. These aren't perfect but I'm getting better I think. I tried to do some kinda sorta planar breakdowns but I don't know that they're all that correct. I'll probably try to learn the planes of the face and the Reilly rhythms after this.
I'm having some problems with the lengths of eyesockets. Ain't no thang; I'll figure it out and/or have it spoon fed to me by Mr. Loomis. Still schoolin' us from the grave; that's pretty cool :D it's nerdy but I like to think of books as the voices of our ancestors.

My jawlines aren't long enough in a lot of these :l
Still trying to work out planes. I have some other drawings that I'll upload later but I think I figured out why my eye sockets have been long on one side consistently. It's kind of hard to get a mental structure of the planes given that Loomis' example in Drawing the Head and Hands doesn't appear to be symmetrical and he varies the plane system he uses depending on the book and whether or not he's drawing from observation or imagination. I might forgo Loomis' planes in favor of another system. I still intend to learn the Reilly abstractions.
Heyyyyy, you're the cool person at the pizza shop right? I remember chatting in the hangouts! Wow that's so cool to see you again O.O

Is everything going well?
Danny! :D hey man. I'm actually working at a grocery store now but yeah I used to frequent the hangouts. Seeing you work was always inspiring. I had gotten obsessed with jiu jitsu for a while and wasn't attending as a result but I'll be back in eventually. I've been alright also, grown a lot as a person and I've gotten a lot better at fighting but my drawing hasn't improved much so it's time to start the grind again. Good to see you as well. Your sketchbook is lookin' awesome :D

Flounderin around with some more rhythms. I think I'm going to focus on the planes first. Still having some structural problems.
some of these are kind of rough, still trying to internalize the planes to the point where I can draw them from imagination
Still doin' head stuff.

I had tried to work on the bulbasaur again but was getting frustrated with it. As a result I ended up making him look angry I think, I tried to get it back to a more playful expression which is what I'd wanted but it's not quite the same. I don't really know what I'm doing; trying to build values I guess.
You've got a big mass of work here man, I'm loving that dedication, something that really helped me with the proportions of the body itself and the face is to immediately translate what you've learned to maybe a reference you're studying, like trying to remember what you've learned and applying it unconsciously.

Keep it up!
Thanks so much for the encouragement wla91, I'll do some head breakdowns from a mirror in the future but this is all I have right now.

I'm probably going to have to quit my job if I want to draw and go to school at the same time. I had wanted to save up some money to give myself a little padding for when my sister comes to live with me but I don't think it'll be sustainable at this point :/

Tried to play around with the form a bit and get something more reptilian.
Hey guys. So I tried to do some planes stuff from photos; there's a couple of simplified Frank Miller ones of Batman. I feel like he handles black and white really well. I'll probably try some Sargent breakdowns and maybe look for some noir stuff as reference. Did some from imagination as well. I'm at a friends house but when I get back to mine I'll do some from a mirror.
Tried to pay more attention to my line quality with this. I really like prismacolor's ebony pencil. It's getting easier to get a  bit of a likeness off the ones from observation.

I bought a cheap camcorder too :D I want to make tutorials. I realize I'm not qualified to teach but I've found that it's helpful to my learning process to teach people. If I can understand a concept enough to break it down and transfer it to someone else I feel like I've really internalized it.
I've got some stuff to post that I'll upload in the morning. I realized that the perspective on the bulbasaur drawing is totally broken after taking it into photoshop and messing around with it. I might start studying perspective along with the heads and being more strict about their structure.
I'm gonna start getting into specific features and then probably hit the Reilly abstractions again.
 I definitely need to think about form more though, I'm not done with this bulbasaur but look how broken it is. The snout would be grotesquely wide were this real. I was messing around with it for a few hours last night, I put a wireframe over it to try and think about the form more but it's pretty broken. Had I done that from the start I think I would've saved time.
Welcome to daggers newblood!
Keep going bearmode.
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