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Hey guys!  I'm jaktrayter and I've decided to create a sketchbook on this lovely study forum,  joining the ranks of the mighty Crimson Dagger initiative.

Being a part of an art community is awesome for many reasons...creative growth, personal growth, networking, entertainment, empathy...real good stuff, juh feel? 

One thing I want to mention is the critique. With the aim to improve and stay sharp, critiques are a necessary evil in the creative process. Yeah, yeah "duh"  I know, but let me get to my point! 

A critique doesn't always have to come from an outside perspective and ironically, it shouldn't. If I can't be my own biggest critic, I have a problem. If I can't spot the flaws in my work and understand why my images and figures are breaking, I have a problem. A critique from an outsiders perspective is simply a detriment to one's creative growth if you look at it from this view. 

Yes, ask for critiques if you simply CANNOT see anything wrong with your image based on the fundamentals of basic image making. That being said, if you CANNOT see anything wrong within your images, realize that you need to take a break and study a bunch more, learn to see harder, observe deeper. The moment you casually open yourself to critique is the moment you cheat yourself of mending your own mistake. 

To say all of that to say this: I don't care about improving. I'm over that. It has stressed me out to no end in the past, placing an emphasis on studies, improvement, and aspiring to "break into the industry" Fuck. That. 

I'm drawing for me and me only. In the event in which I do decide to be critiqued on my work, I'll post something in another thread asking for one. That being said, I'm not asking for any ass patting, dick riding, or cock sucking. 

I've finally reached a point where art is fun endeavor to immerse myself in. I don't want anything to break this delicate fantasy for me. 

Most importantly, I'm working on something meaningful to me, and I don't want anybody to cheapen the experience and taint my vision with their unwarranted critique. 

If that means that nobody comments on my thread, so be it. It's merely a vehicle for my thoughts, process, and discoveries. Ideas. Feelings. 

A blog with pictures, if you will. 

Thank you for understanding.
EDIT: 10/5/15

Forget everything I said abooove do whaatever the FUCK you wanna dooooooo.
I don't agree with your views on critiques, though I respect your opinion.

I don't think a critique is a detriment to someone's improvement. It could be a nice advice, or an eye opener comment that helps out in the long run.

Quote:"Yes, ask for critiques if you simply CANNOT see anything wrong with your image based on the fundamentals of basic image making. That being said, if you CANNOT see anything wrong within your images, realize that you need to take a break and study a bunch more, learn to see harder, observe deeper. The moment you casually open yourself to critique is the moment you cheat yourself of mending your own mistake."
I just don't see why you cant do both. Study on your own to work on the stuff you know you're not so good at and at the same time be open to the advice and comments of other people.
Even though I am open to critiques and I realize I have a lot of room to improve, drawing and painting IS still a fun endeavor for me 

It's cool if you don't want critiques, but I always thought of Crimson Daggers as a place that thrives on it, and on improvement :/
but what do I know? I am also a new member :)

Maybe starting a blog without allowing comments could be more to your liking
Welcome to daggers newblood! I can understand your views, I think I also had a point in the past where I got too frustrated, when I didnt succed in creating a pretty image, but then I started doing art for fun, for a certain period and now Im back to more focused improving, however I no longer get frustrated at mistakes. Even when failing at something again and again it isnt frustrating, its just part of the process.
Hey there and welcome to the forums! o/

Yeah, what cracked said pretty much. Once you get over the whole "failing" thing (because it's gonna happen over and over, as we all know), art and the process of it becomes fun again and its potential is limitless. I also agree that the artist should be able to see the errors in their own work, for if they cannot, how can they take it upon themselves to fix such errors? How can they create amazing art without experience in problem solving in the first place?

But at the same time - critique is wonderful when you absolutely cannot see where you're going wrong; receiving critique in times like these is when an artist can really break through walls.

However, this sketchbook is yours after all, Jaktraytr. If you just want it used as a blog where you can write down your thoughts and learnings, that's fine with me! I respect your views and I get if you don't want people unnecessarily scribbling text all over your pages.

Looking forward to what you've got in store!
Voodoodoo- I agree with you. I respect your opinion. Thanks for stopping by; don't be a stranger. (I took a peek in your sketchbook and I like your work, man) 

Crackhead: yeah being an artist really blows... Amirite? :P

Smirnoff: imma bout to dip le feet in pool of dagger blood; looking forward to the piranhas eating  jaktrayter alive.

Bumping the ever-living HELL out of 'blessings' (Big Sean) my gaaahhhhhhd.

Ehem, sketches nd further exploration for a character that's been in jak's head. I'm participating in Noah Bradley's 21 Days of art Challenge and I chose to focus on the development of this character for 3weeks.
I'm on day 9 so far.

It's been a little over a week since I haven't drawn in months. This challenge is my vehicle for rebooting my drawing habit.


I. Can't. Stop. Listening.
Today is actually Day 10 of my 21 Days of Art Challenge. Here are gestures of images from my reference folder and a side profile of a character I keep drawing. Drop crotch pants ftwwwwww haaa

I'm excited to develop her further.
Day 11, sketches. Practicing consistency and emotesssss. Besides furrowed eyebrows, I never added emotion to a head haha it's difficult, but rewarding when you can halfway communicate feelings through the faces on your heads! More of this tomorrow.
Keep wrecking this challenge brrruuuuh!
Day 12 of my 21 Days of Art Challenge; after work sketch. I actually have a full weekend off. I've been working 6 days a week for the past month...dag. 

The longer I immerse myself in this challenge, the more passionate I become about my past, present and potential "future"  experiences with art and my own unique existence.

Smrr- going on 2 weeks :>
The lines of that last one are looking nice!
This art challenge sounds interesting. I'm looking forward for the rest!!
Voodoobby- thanks man. The lack of a scanner hides the shit stains and wash of inaccuracies on the paper tho :))) 

Stupid phone is a bastard fuck ass-face bitch: deleted my post 3 times. It's 3am give me a fucking break, asshole. 

I'll explain why I'm back on day 1 in another post. Fuck this phone.
Shit fo CHoW #11 muhfugguhs
Days 3 and 4. The woman is nothing; too tired to spend longer than 10mins on a drawing, so I sketched a gesture  exaggerated her anatomy. Pissss

The batman was off the dome: seeing how well I can apply what I know on perspective from imagination. I may finish it...find references and fix some wonky shit.

Are the pics too small. I can't tell on my phone.
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeuaaaaaaaaaahhrrrhhh keep pumping it Jak!

They're a bit small, I wouldn't mind seeing them a bit larger.
Wow. The act of drawing and gaining mileage is definitely NOT a prerequisite for improvement. Well, for me seems the stress of not having much time to draw has caused my brain to compensate by manifesting sharingans in my eyes lmaoooooooooo Seriously though, my sketches off the dome are getting purdy: mulling over concepts at work and staying observant is obviously helping tonsss. Now imagine if you DO study for at least an hour a day Shoot for that hour, buddy. 

Image is better than my other stuff but still gives me that gross sense of finding tons of mistakes :( that's good though. Means my eyes are still sharp. 

Oh, and here's CHoW 11 too (woman with gauntlets) 
I like the improvements here, but your characters still read flat. I think doing some studies on form would help fix that pretty quickly.
Hell yeah; flat as fuck. A cups boiiiiiiiii

Akame from Akame Ga Kill. Not familiar with this character or the anime: it was a fan art "commission" for a friend.