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Full Version: Vornag's Happy-Go-Funtime Turbo Ultra Resurrected Hopefully Trainwreck
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I've always had a million ideas and stories clogging up my mind without any real way of expressing them. I adore creating settings, species and the like, so I turned to art as an attempt to visualise all these things.

and it's fucking rough, man.

But I'm eager to improve and iterate, like everyone else, so I turned to here in hopes of getting over my art shyness and getting a critique or two. Every bit helps.






Welcome to daggers man, those alienheads look pretty cool.
Another day, another visual atrocity.



I like your cartoony style and your gestures feel very lively to me! You are really getting your lines of action down well.
Stop. Geralt time.

Thanks for the kind words Cracked and Jeff, they really help spur me onward.


Another day, another chance to publicly humiliate myself.




It was bizarre making a piece on Last Guardian and slowly coming to terms that this game is going to be an actual thing. Funky stuff.
I'm definitely excited to see some worldbuildling going on here! Keep it up!
Thank you for commenting on my sketchbook fellow newblood.
I love the spaceship and the alien creatures. The last guardian game looks amazing and I love the creature design of griffin. I wish I had a ps4. I am looking forward to seeing the finished piece and some more creature designs.
Hey !
Don't get discouraged if you think your studies look bad, as long as you're pushing forward to become better, that's good enough.
Great stuff here, try to experiment more and keep it up ! : )
Nearly forgot to upload today's images.

A big thank you to Gabby, Zandra and Shin! Any comments are appreciated, especially critical ones.





A wip painting from a Skyrim screenshot. Any advice is appreciated.
Is that scene Dragon's Reach? It looks great so far!! The only thing I can think of is when you did those three characters (third from last entry here), it seems like the guy in the middle has a tiny head. Other than that, please keep this up! It's awesome! :D
Yeah, it's Dragon's Reach with a morbid amount of ENBs and graphical enhancers pumped in it. Gotta get that shit nice and contrasty.

The tiny head was deliberate to add even more bulk to the guy, but thank you for pointing out regardless! Nice to know someone pops around the sketchbook more than once.
The best way to play Skyrim is with every single graphical mod and EMB your computer can handle. :D Damn, you're making me want to go play again!

Ah, I'm sorry about that one. I guess I should have figured it was deliberate. It definitely worked! Keep it up!
Life happened and I just lost the will to draw, so all I got for today is my daily gesture.

For your creature sketches on post 10 I would suggest to add more line weight and go over the lines so that they are less sketchy. I also think it would help if you used white lines like in your spaceship drawing to emphasize the light and dark.

I hope things get better. It okay to take a break when you need it. I can't wait to see more creature designs! Keep going!
I partook in a Blade Symphony 2v2 tournament today so I didn't have a lot of time, but I still made some stuff.

Thanks for stopping by Zandra! My original intention was to add the highlights but somewhere down the line but I kinda just forgot about them.


♪ Hiiiiiighwaaaaaay tooo theeeee comfort zoooone ♪

Decided to take the day slow. It feels strange just doodling whatever comes to mind.


Crowfall hype, gonna continue rendering this tomorrow.

"Finished" rendering this thing, was a lot of fun

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