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Full Version: Ixallus's Pile of Junk
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My Deathline

Thought of downloading my old stuff from the sketchbook but it seems like a waste. link to it is in my signature though. Excited to get started on this!

Notes To Self (Gathered from Streams/books/workshops)
  • Don't rush past conceptual/drawing stage before setting down details and a lot of stuff onto the canvas, a bad under drawing can add hours of work etc.
  • Avoid getting caught in comfort zones when doing your studies especially, tackle the stuff you really have problems with!
  • You need to work on anatomy, get on it.
  • Somehow i avoided drawing clothes for the longest time and i can barely draw towels, GET ON IT
  • References need to be used the correct way, difference between copying and referencing, tread carefully.
  • Explore tools
Relevant Links:
Ha! your trophies deathline sounds fun!
Nice start to your sketchbook, the figures look nice in proportions.
Looking forward for more.
Thanks a lot!

Anatomy, need to dive into that. Also Intuos decided to not work, pumping traditional for now. Need to do personal stuff more so i can utilize any techniques/information gained.. etc... Hands... hands.. need to tackle that hard too
SELF NOTES/OBS: Too much skipping reading and just focusing on drawings in the books, read the author notes. Start doing some texture/cloth study. Work in values more, anatomy, spec upper body. Life drawing around school campus more. been getting locked tight into pure studies, need to do imagination work so techniques/info can be utilized properly. 

You got some nice drawings i especially digg the sockpuppet aswell as your anatomy studies. I think your faces would benifit from utilizing some sort of head construction method. anyways Keep posting getting on it!