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my name is Joanna. I'm a Polish graphic designer living in Germany who wants to improve her art and go into the direction of illustration and concept art. My inspiring role models are people like Hannes (Algenpfleger), Noah Bradley and Miles Johnston  Grin
I've been on this site for a long time but I didn't have the courage to post something.

I don't know where to start so I show you the work I've done in the last 4 months so far. 
I'm really thankful for any helpful feedback! :)

PS: I feel like I'm not really improving (or far too slow) even when I draw almost everyday. What did I do wrong? Anybody have the same problem?

[Image: Skiz7_small_zpsl8dgz9ct.jpg]

[Image: Skiz9_small_zpszthojwda.jpg]

[Image: Skiz10_small_zpscylwtcsf.jpg]

[Image: Value%20Cubes_small_zpskot1mfgw.jpg]

[Image: Skiz12_small_zpspmlx8opv.jpg]

[Image: Skiz14_small_zpsoc7jvaje.jpg]
[Image: sketch7_zpsb1478cd4.gif]
[Image: Skiz1_small_zpsesweqfh1.jpg]

[Image: training_farbe_zps6qeje6jw.jpg]

[Image: Skiz5_small_zpsafticncv.jpg]

[Image: 2_zpsbi3mqbsx.png]

[Image: 3_zpsxnckvf8e.png]

[Image: 7_zpsnuhwcuqx.png]

[Image: 10_zpsf4nbyjah.png]

[Image: 13_zps0lxkv2c8.png]

[Image: 8_zpsieioy81e.png]

[Image: 12_zpsj2agjpcw.png]

[Image: 14_zpssz23uiqk.png]

[Image: 23_zpsytg4h9cg.png]

[Image: 20_zpsd1rq5y54.png]
[Image: 16_zpsigjbzp1a.png]

[Image: 17_zpsivpkvq7b.png]

[Image: Skiz20_small_zpskeg2ctrk.jpg]

[Image: sketch3_zps140e9d40.gif]

[Image: sketch6_zps5c86ad50.gif]

[Image: man3_zps06235617.gif]
Hey Joanna! Welcome to CD!

Off to a great start :)

Those are some cool inspirations you got there. Alrighty, so is this _all_ the work you've done in the past 4 months? If not, post all of it @[email protected]! Haha, but really, how your figures aren't bad and you understand the importance of construction and form, so that's something! Me gusta, I wish I figured that out when I started out!

So how do you study? Are you focused? Are you in the zone? Are you critically thinking? You really need to be analyzing your work. This and also -- you've gotta be drawing _a lot_-- . I noticed you haven't displayed any sketches or applications of studies? You learn tons more from applying all these studies. I feel as if a day is wasted without applying what you learn in some shape or form - because that's where you stuff up and then know where you need to go back and study.

Anyways, looking forward to updates! Keep pushing ^_______^ o/!
I think this feeling is normal. The only thing you can't do is give up. Take a look at this:

I see you are reading Michael Hampton's book. That's a great book. He breaks everything in little structures and this helps a lot.

(07-17-2015, 08:14 AM)smrr Wrote: [ -> ]I noticed you haven't displayed any sketches or applications of studies?
Hope to see more! :)
lol you are me:D

I mean, Hampton and even those movie stills. Here's one of mine:D
[Image: attachment.php?aid=52767]

So, I approve of your study selection:D

Jokes aside, I really like that you are going for diversity and fundamentals. Also, about not progressing, as iamorim said, it's normal. It's like when you see someone every day and don't notice they change, but then someone else comes and goes "OMG YOU'VE GROWN UP LOL".
Also, it has to do with plateaus. The general notion though, is, that judging from the approach you are taking, you WILL progress. Because you are tackling the right things in the right way.

And, I like them planes on them headz:)
you´re doing well, great work on the fundamentals. keep going
By the way, great thread name
nice sketchbook!!! :) Thumbs_up
Nice start on your sketchbook, It will be interesting to follow you on your journey! :)
@smrr: Thank you :) Hmm... I mostly draw studies - maybe I should do more free work. My problem is that I still have that dumb perfectionist-mindset mixed with anxiety. I try to do everything right because otherwise "I'm wasting my time". And since I work as a graphic designer, I have less time to do a lot of artwork. And as a result I think of free work as wasted time because I want to improve fast (I know that this mindset is wrong, I try to change that) so I draw a lot of studies. I have a lot of ideas and stuff but I'm too afraid and distracted of my current life difficulties to bring it on paper. I struggle to make it as a freelance designer, being a freelance illustrator is even harder to find work here in Germany (this country isn't very illustration-affine, the german "illustratoren Organisation" doesn't really help). 

@iamorrin: Yeah, I really like Hampton's turorials and books. I think they are better than Loomis because Hampton has a more sculptural and three-dimensional approach which make his drawings less flat. 

@Doolio: Haha, what a coincidence! :D I think I may have hit a plateau. I don't know, for example I draw legs since last year, but I still don't get the muscles correct. May be my bad memory :/

@MarcRosete: Thank you, I love cats ^^ I may turn into a crazy cat-lady one day O_o

@kaji02: Thanks :)

@-echo- : Thank you. I hope I will not get too lazy o_o

I recreated a beautiful illustration from Hiroshi Yoshida in march (One of my fav artists)

[Image: hiroshidd_zps7yblrb11.png]


[Image: sc209216_zpsovs9figu.png]

And another painting recreated (Polish artist Wladyslaw Slewinski)

[Image: arttraining1_zpsgpbss1rz.gif]
Well, maybe, and then maybe legs are just pain in the ass:) I mean, legs are HARD, especially as they move and twist in strange ways and their curves are "too 3d". Especially if we are talking about connecting the legs to the body.

I like what you did to the Yoshida piece. It looks like a print indeed:)
its really nice to see all of your study. about improvement, not i am so good at my art yet. but i think from looking at other people. i think there's 2 ways of improving one is just simply do a lot and make it into muscle memory and other just keep thinking about every little things you study (i think doing both will make the improvement faster, just my opinion hehe)
but like doolio said it's true we sometimes don;t notice the improvement but we are still improving.

really love how you study figures and painting, looking forward to see more of your works :D
Sorry for my english, not so good at it haha
@Doolio: Thanks :) Damn legs, why can't you be easier to draw?!

@insbox: Thank you, and I don't mind your English - mine isn't better, lol. 
Yeah, maybe I'm too impatient.
Hey Joana welcome aboard! Feels like almost graphic designer is going for art haha. I myself, not like I worked for any clients, but I started at the very basic stuff signature/avatar, moved to wallpaper, logos, user inter face. And now pumping into art, since I want to create things.

But enough of that chit chat. If interested, check the ongoing groups right now for accountability, consistent practice etc.

Look forward to see more of your post.
@Zearthus: Thanks. My problem is that I never wanted to be a graphic designer in the first place. My dream was to become a traditional artist. But since it's really hard to live from your art (if you don't have insanely rich parents or investors) I've choosen graphic design instead to make a living and still do something creative. I still draw and paint in private to this day. If it wasn't for the money, I would never work for ad agencies and corporates and do my own thing. But sadly, it's not how the world works. Ironically, I still struggle with my career. I even thought about changing my career and choose something else. At least I can draw and paint at home...

[Image: drawingtraining4_zpsh7qoie6r.png]

[Image: sketch14_zps6d22a212.gif]

[Image: skiz3klein_zps65b4a907.gif]

[Image: skiz2klein_zps4cc343bc.gif]
True. Well I think graphic design pretty much is what let me to the decision of buckling down and focus on art. I'm currently just majoring in IT, so gonna be working for IT, and eventually pave my path for art along the way.

But to be honest I'm still in the phase of, what do I want to do with my life, career etc. Anyhow, I'm sure you will figure it out, and pave your own path keep at it! And don't settle as the old saying. And what let me to decide to buckle down with art is basically this video:
@Zearthus: The thing is, I know what I want - it just doesn't pay me my bills. A friend of mine has the same problem - he is into illustration and concept art as well and he struggles to find new clients or job offers. He works as a graphic designer at an ad agency since it ensures him a safe income.
As for Cal Newport's advice:
Hmm, I don't know if I can agree with him. :)
I'm not a careerist. Drawing, painting and writing is my passion - but badly paid. No job on the whole earth will make me ever happier than art. When I said in the earlier post that I think about changing my career, I meant that I want to change a career which is better paid and safe (and not something I might love). But my fixation still remains in the art world. 
I may sound very stubborn, but that (art) is what I really want. That and writing books. :)
[Image: sketchman1_zpsq7twmt37.gif]

[Image: landsc1_zps1eaozs5v.gif]

[Image: landscap2_zpssbr7z4l7.gif]

[Image: drawingtrainingklein2_zpsuxdwg9jv.png]
I really love the colours in your landscapes!
@Punk-A-Cat: Thanks! :)

[Image: vehicl8_zpst7bcnv96.gif]

[Image: vehicl3_zpsw9lxkq4u.gif]

[Image: stilllebenseptember2013_zpszpylsjis.gif]
What a beautiful start! What beautiful studies! What a beautiful sketchbook! Please don't stop :3

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