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Full Version: Back to the drawing board
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Hey everyone!

I feel like I've been plateauing hard lately with my images so I thought going back to basics with a new thread would be a great idea. I'll try to update as regularly as I can. At least one study or sketch a day would be great if I can. I'll hopefully find the time outside of freelance work to improve myself.

The biggest thing I'd like to work on are my  renderings. I've been kinda stuck in some super stylised paintings lately but also really felt the desire to get back to some more "realistic", textured renderings. Or at least try to learn a few things about values, lights, materials and brushwork.

Anyhow, here's some past work and a study I made today.

Any opinions welcome!

[Image: steel_in_our_bones_by_prospass-d83ubyo.jpg]

[Image: haldor_by_prospass-d8ky2i7.jpg]

[Image: army_of_the_damned_by_prospass-d8s64sp.jpg]

[Image: general_by_prospass-d8rl9p2.jpg]

Study from photo:
[Image: 38_soldier_by_prospass-d92miak.jpg]
Your stylized work looks super appealing, though I think your style might indicate that you play a little too much Dota2. Am I right on that?
Also, in the picture with the dwarf girl the ground looks more like a simgle plane with a textures on it than fractured rocks, which is what I think you were going for.
Woah, I looove your paintings! Esp. that dwarf chick, I think I've seen that on DA before.
Not sure what advice to offer right now - I just hope you can find some time to get those studies in after freelance. The textured look you achieved in that photo study looks very promising for the future. Can't waaait to see what you come up with, go go go :D
Lodratio> Thanks! I'm a bit shy on textures indeed, I need to work on that. And nope, never played Dota 2 actually haha, I'm not big into mobas, except for the original Dotas back in the Warcraft 3 days and a few games of HoTS lately :D

lungcell> Thanks man! Just took a look at your thread, that's a very motivating amount of work your putting there hehe!

Not much time today unfortunately, I squeezed some super quick value studies after photos and Zorn during a break and before bed :) Anything is better than nothing!

[Image: 40_zorn_by_prospass-d9326t7.jpg]
Those paintings & studies look incredible :D
Thank you Prabu :)

Here's the first page of a new sketchbook I just started. I'd like to make a lot of value studies in this one. I realised how poor my pencil skills are, so let's work on it!!

[Image: img_20150804_185014_by_prospass-d945s05.jpg]

And here's a character I made for a freelance assignment:

[Image: knight_by_prospass-d93z48b.jpg]
Hey guys, here's my last image, trying to loosen my renderings up a bit :)

[Image: battle_of_roak_by_prospass-d9dj1kq.jpg]