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Hi I'm Jan, I'm from Germany, and I'm here to become a better artist. There will be mostly studies in my sketchbook, at least for now. (just studying without applying things turned out so boring i couldn't even bear it for a single week. So I'll mix shit up more, but the focus stays on growth nonetheless.)
Let's start with this one:
Nice still life, it shows nice rendering of metal
looking forward for more pieces!
thanks! had about 6 hours spare time today, used a bit more than 4 to study. my biggest weakness right now is anatomy so i decided to spend this month doing exactly that. here are some of the studies, done with mischief. focusing on getting things right and memorizing as much as possible over making it pretty or producing a lot of drawings.
Great start man. How did you do the anatomy studies? Books, photos, imagination?

Keep going :D
thanks! a little bit of everything. the one in the middle was drawn from imagination, but I used a lot of different reference pics from other angles and in different poses to get everything as well in place as i could. (going through hogarth atm)
Aaaanyway, since I did way too many torso studies like that one recently, they started to bore me so i applied them to something. and what has more torso than a mtg demon? :D -> little wip of a griselbrand fanart, i imagined a story for him where he was jailed and tries to escape. it's hard to get his arms into a dynamic frame tho, he's a pretty weird design. I mean, he can't even wipe his butt. Dunno if I can paint this already but if not, i'll keep the drawing and do it later.
more manboobs. back to practice - I took a bunch of notes about what i didn't like in that last illustration sketch and I'm going to do studies targeted towards fixing those issues in the next attempt. It's great to have that kind of motivation, really gives you the feeling that you're studying for a purpose.
Thor redesign for Rhasdra (check out his sketchbook for explanation)
some shitty head studies and a painting done with the shia le beouf brushes. DO IT! *flips over*
grumpy sunday morning selfie. ugh, need to practice more
Keep it up man, great start! If you are doing an anatomy month, the Crimson Cadavers group is a good one to join in on. Focus is hardcore anatomy study, with a focus on accuracy. It has helped me heaps even though I don't have much time to put into it right now.
thanks, I looked into it and I'm not really into posting in a second sketchbook, but I absolutely wouldn't mind doing a hangout or some skype calls with you people. how do I get in on these?
some studies of my murray. these turned out to be more about color, mood and light quality than rendering or anatomy. thinking of going back to weekly updates to cut back on my online time even more. I cut my work pc off the internet so I don't get tempted to distract myself from painting.
Duuude! I love your linework! Your work is so damn solid, have you started looking for jobs yet?

I checked your portfolio, and it seems a little... timid in relation to your studies. Everything is kind of too gray and without much contrast. I won't ask for you to do studies or anything... I would just like to see you experimenting a little bit more! Go crazy man, you developed a solid base, it's time to exploit it! (like in these skulls you've made, the lighting on those is beautiful!)

(I'm working on a response for your comment btw, I cannot thank you enough for that)

Keep the awesome up sir!
thanks! Yeah I've looked for jobs but haven't found anything yet - but I'll give it another try with a new folio in December. until then, it's just practice. you're spot on with your remarks on my folio. i was still kinda scared of dark values and high saturation when i made it but i figured out how to control them better since then so i guess it's a little bit outdated. i put the whole thing together in about 2 weeks or so, so everything looks pretty much the same.
right now i just wanna punch some basic anatomy knowledge into my head, after that I'll experiment again. but i'll do some fun paintings every now and then just to relax from studying and to apply new things. aaand you can thank me by going hard and study a lot yourself! gogo :D
Wait... is that... a Shia Rex?!
+1000 Internet points to Gryffindor!

Studies look totally rad, awesome work. Can't wait to see your new portfolio stuff after these studies!
hahaha, thanks for the love Boradway. Here is some random shit I did since the last update. My paintings seem too inconsistent to me, so I´ll go back to linework completely and dedicate some focused attention to rendering after I feel like I´m an OK draftsman. Maybe my folio will be linework only, who knows. Tending towards a pure concept art folio for games atm, but haven´t decided yet. Everything is fun!
did a lot of fun stuff this weekend; I'm preparing to apply for an intern job at an indie studio. will post the work I did for that after they decide whether they take or reject me. Anyway, can't just post nothing so here is a reverse centaur for the ladies. ladies like centaurs, right
here's what I sent to them. wish me luck! Not sure if I should have rendered everything or not, but I went for lines mostly because it's what I think quick studio ideation work will look like more often. These were only meant as a supplement to my regular folio to show that i can do more than just enviro paintings. I also included the thor re-design i did a while back.
You got some cool designs adn ideas! I would love to se you do a turn around of some concept that you have done. I wish you good luck on the job!
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