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finance guy
anatomy study that is also a color study :D same process as on the goblin, b/w to color. i finally feel like i have a really solid grip on color now and know what I'm doing. I've struggled with color ever since i started doing art, feels like taking a huuuge leap but I probably just found the right technique to apply the knowledge that i had for a while already but just didn't know how to put into practice properly.
giorgio has always been a bat boy
Haha you and your "warmup sketches that-turn-into-more-than-sketches" :D

Keep going brotherrrrr, your brushstrokes are gettin' juicier <:
<3 <3 <3

never skip leg day! :D the sucky ones are from imagination.
late night fanart
finished the thingie from yesterday! that one connected a lot of loose ends into one coherent rendering process for me
so much to learn...
minimal booty
little greyscale WIP, got a lot more like this in the making. Will pump more out during the weekend to this level before i go into the next step and colorize/finish them. feels good to not be scared by bw to color anymore
polished it a bit, doesnt suck as bad anymore
went at it one last time, i think all it needed was a strong focal point. tried to make it look like those painted character conversation portraits from diablo3. actually kinda happy with it now, i think it could fit in the game without sticking out too much
pushed him a bit further as today's warmup
Hi Jan,
I really like your work. Especially your line-work studies and more-finished line-work illustrations. They are really great; very fluid and well-executed.

However I feel like your paintings don't tend to meet the same standard as your line drawings in terms of draftsmanship. Many of your forms seem too soft when painted, and your images lose impact. The last portrait of the girl is a good example of this. There is an unnatural softness across the facial features that affect the overall impression of the portrait. There are some anatomical inconsistencies as well (the size of the cranium, the anatomy of the ear, the position and thickness of the neck) but I think they are not as important as the overall impression of the face.

I would suggest that you try to incorporate more of those linear elements, from your drawings, into your paintings. Essentially, "draw more with your paint", rather than just laying down blobs of color on the canvas. I would also suggest using more saturated colors in your shadow areas to give your images more vibrancy. Currently your images look a bit muddy since they become more gray as the values transition into the shadows. I made a small over-paint of the girl to show you what I mean. I also added more color variation across the face to add a bit more interest. I hope this helps in some way. Keep up the great work!

whoa Javier, thanks a lot! Totally agree with all your points. The part about edges is my biggest issue right now, i'm struggling to have them look like I want to and everything else suffers because I'm focusing on that. Neat overpaint, too, thanks! Looks a lot stronger, already.
gasoline experiment!
used as much of Javiers crit on this one as i could, especially the drawing-with-paint one helped a lot with keeping better forms and values. was a pretty messy process tho; but that jams nicely with the story here
dva fanart!
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