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Full Version: quarkwolf's sketchbook
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This is my first time posting my art on an online forum because I wasn't confident about most of my sketches. But I thought I'd do this to get some feedback and improve from it. I improved a lot during last year and I'm experimenting with different mediums and different subject matter. Also, all of these are in my recent sketchbook, as I have several loose pages full of sketches lying around.

This is the most recent page I've finished. It's full of faces and I was just practicing drawing some in a bunch of angles. I did look at and research skulls for the faces and looked up youtube vids for this.
[Image: 3MK2Z4L.jpg]

This is a concept for a commission and I thought it looked pretty cool. I was going for an American Traditional type of look.
[Image: q5aa4kP.jpg]

Hand practices and drawing some skulls.
[Image: aLBgAg1.jpg]

Some perspective stuff. (I've done better than this)
[Image: PLF2OBK.jpg]

This was awhile ago and I wanted to practice some basic shading.
[Image: m7KID9l.jpg]

This was also awhile ago and I tried blocking in the figure which surprisingly worked for me and made the most sense to my thought process. 
[Image: U95RPgw.jpg]

 I know this is far from good or presentable but I draw everyday and improve everyday. I used to give up a lot when I would draw but now I just learn from the mistakes and move on. I know I need to study anatomy and muscles and poses and more perspective. I'm just trying to figure out what I want to tackle first in terms of learning the fundamentals.
Also sorry for the bad quality and the wrong image view. I uploaded these quick from my iphone. :/