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Full Version: Vlada's Sketch Cave
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Your studies are looking great, idk how to describe them unless in my native language - Fresh(lively) :)

I'm really happy to see more and more talented people joining daggers.
Welcome back Vlada! Looking great, I love the mimic, and your greens are lovely in those paintings. Good to challenge yourself with weekend projects! I keep planning to but rarely go through with it. Looking forward to see more!
Thanks so much guys!

@Jyonny -- I find I work best when I set a very tight deadline, and usually have to have someone held accountable for it haha. Try it! You can always go back to a piece after the rush and tweak things later :)

Here are some sloppy sketchbook scans.

[Image: 8Zxq3Yp.jpg]

[Image: av0NLE3.jpg]

Anatomy notes after Hampton and Aaron Blaise. I'm focusing on mostly-- simplifying forms right now, getting proportions back in order and establishing a better figure flow. I'm interested in mechanics and balance, two things I'm really weakest at.

[Image: PoxoIBM.jpg]

[Image: faRgqmX.jpg]

Life drawing night yesterday! I haven't started on leg muscle groups yet, but that's it, guys. That's all I needed to look at to figure out my "floaty figure" problem. I'm now actually excited to tackle legs & feet and start constructing my own figures. Definitely helped that the model was very bony! I could see how all the bones and diagonals stacked on one another and how curves made up the form.
I love your mimic design, I'd love to see more of those item explorations.But what inspires me the most is your sketchbook and lines that you use- These life studies are so impressive.You did an amazing job. I wish you good luck with further exploration^^ can't wait to see more.
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