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Full Version: Jen's Sketchbook
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Hey everybody! I've been lurking around the forums a while, and decided to start posting some work in the hopes of improving; and maybe help out some other people if I can!

Some basic info about me: I'm a junior at college as an Illustration major, and want to work in either children's book illustration, creature design/concept art, and general freelancing. I can't seem to decide on just one quite yet, so right now I'm mainly focusing on improving in enviros and animal anatomy; and of course making actual finished pieces. :P Any and all advice is amazing, no need to be gentle! :D 

Let's start off with some recent work/studies:

[Image: bearstudy_zpsv0bvaed3.jpg]

[Image: Walking%20Leopard_zpskyvm4ezu.jpg]
[Image: iguana%20creature%20copy_zpsgey8ffgj.jpg]
[Image: bear%20studies_zpsiz3ekw80.jpg]

[Image: Jen%20Barrett%20quotPeacequot_zps9mwyjgjq.jpg]

All the studies were done from a mash of random images off of Google. I should have some more stuff up within the next day or so, have to go digging through my folders!
Ooooo.. Nice animals! I like. Keep pushing it to the limit. Bring it to the next stage! GOgogogoooo! Thumbs_up
(09-21-2015, 07:15 AM)Bookend Wrote: [ -> ]Ooooo.. Nice animals!  I like.  Keep pushing it to the limit.  Bring it to the next stage!  GOgogogoooo!  Thumbs_up

Thanks so much! I really love doing them, so there's definitely gonna be a lot more! :D

For today, here's a quick environment that I started yesterday- might finish it at some point, I'm liking the general mood that it has so far.

[Image: ancient%20tree%20scenewip_zpsddpmfet0.jpg]