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Full Version: Genova's sketchbook
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I just started digital painting and I aim to learn it along with drawing in general. This is the first of many works that I'll be posting here and I'm really looking forward to grow as an artist with this lovely community. Please don't hesitate to post replies or PM me if you want to talk! I was never in contact with other artists apart from myself before and I would be really excited to make friends here and talk about art!
That's all for now, let the journey begin!

Please feel free to critique and share any thoughts you have! I would greatly appreciate the feedback as I'm learning!
Hard to critique when there's only one painting :) what are you aiming for? you have any goals?
I apologise I didn't know one work is not enough, I'll get to work on filling this thread up!
Well I'd like to be able to draw concepts one day, or at least get to that skill level.