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Full Version: Repbunny's Sketchbook
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I'm currently trying to concentrate on my other weaknesses of color, speed, and compositions. Sorry for any wonky anatomy, will be based entirely on memory for now. I like keeping records of things I draw so I'll post some things I'm working on here.  I'm trying out a new style so feedbacks or comments are always great.

Currently working on:

An Eye a day keep the... uh..
[Image: 3mTeIPm.png]
Started out as testing my newly made skin color swatches. But because I've been bugging my friend about practicing circles to get good, she gets back at me by telling to finish the eyes every chance she got. 

[Image: ixx3HKI.png]
Moving back to painting. Thought best way to start a new style is simple portraits. Speed: 2hr per.