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Full Version: Lekhayle's Sketchbook
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Hey hey! Starting a sketchbook here on a recommendation from a friend :) I'm 28, starting a full time art course soon, and living in Dublin, Ireland. My long (loooong) term goal is to be doing Blizzard-style promo art. Gonna post my stuff here as I work towards that goal :)

I'm on day 7 of inktober at the moment, so to start things off here's the sketches so far this month:
Great stuff man, looking forward to seeing more!! :) Also delighted to have another Dubliner on here!
Nice work man!

Get em posted over in the Inktober thread too, the more the better;
@Xenzo - cheers man! great to be on here :D

@lurch - thanks! I'll dump what I have so far in that thread :)

And here's today's for good measure. :D

And sure, day 9 while I'm at it. Saw some really nice work by people doing inktober, mixing large blocks of black and very simple hatching. Tried my hand at it. I think I went overboard on it a bit.

Great start to your sketchbook! More Irish people makes any site better  Stupid

Knock em dead!!!!!!
cool line quality and clean drawing!
Sketchosoph - Thanks man! Inktober is really helping with the linework
IrishWhiskey - Next we need to set up a local irish bar in here, and the colonization will be complete!
graypersona - Thanks :) 

I spent a bunch of today working on a drawing for a friend's wedding invitation. I'm pretty happy with how it's looking. The first pass at this was way too complex, I reduced the number of fantastical elements almost completely and it's looking better.


I did a drawing for inktober today, but I started it at 3am, and it's awful. So I'm gonna call today a miss on that front :(
Nice inking ! your lines weight is so good. keep it up :)!
invitation sketch is looking good, i think the guys leg that's nearest us looks a bit big and seperate from him, but take that with a pinch of salt because I've done very little anatomy work!

enjoying your inktober works.
lurch - Thanks. Yeah, that leg was very wonky. 

I've fixed that up, made a few more changes, added some very simple colours.


I'll be glad to be done with this. Really glad to help out a friend, but it's really not my thing.
your line work is super pretty :)