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Full Version: Pixipel's Sketchbook
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Hi guys! 

I'll be putting my future sketches and artwork here. Since I'm new to the group I was wondering if I could get some advice and suggestions on a few things:

Q1. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should sketch? Is it basically anything, or is there a "study plan" or ideas with something more structured that I could possibly try to do on a daily or weekly basis?

Q2. Are the sketches supposed to be digital or traditional mediums, or does it not matter? Also, can they be more than just sketches, like being fully or partially rendered?

Q3. Is there anything else I should know or do regarding the sketches here? 

Those are the questions currently floating around in my head at the moment. Sorry for being a complete newb about this (also sorry if these questions have been answered somewhere else before), I hope it won't be too much trouble. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers these.

Also, just for future reference when I start getting some sketches here. Any comments, critiques, advice and so on regarding my sketches or anything related to them would be extremely helpful and I'd really appreciate it. :)

Sketches will be coming soon! I'll be looking forward to any feedback. :)