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Full Version: Sean's Sketchbook
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Hello :) i'm Sean, I'm starting a sketchbook here as im planning on taking my art a bit more seriously, i will do my best to update as often as i can, a few times a week at the least :) i'll be keeping my eye out on other sketchbooks also, and offer feedback wherever i can (with what little knowledge i have lol). I'm currently working solely on drawing figures as im an aspiring character designer. So here goes:
Its been a while since ive done any gesture drawing so im going to try and get back into it.
really like the girl with the black hair in your first post, has a nice graphic novel feel to her.
Thank you lurch :) 
Been keeping up with the gesture drawing. I really need to try and come up with some character designs but cant seem to think of any ideas that inspire me enough to actually draw any of them :( Also tried some digital painting which turned out to be a bit of a disaster, lol I will have to stick with it, im still very new to using a tablet.
Not much of an update im afraid. I cranked out another portrait painting which i feel turned out a bit better than the last one i did. Going to have to do some more though.
Thank you Mariyan! :D
so just thought id post the self portrait i did for today. i would have liked to have done this in sai but im really not so comfortable doing portraits or any kind of digital painting yet. so i just stuck with the trusty ol' sketchbook and mechanical pencil.
Pretty cool sketchbook! Really like your gestures. If I may offer one piece of advice is to soften your edges a little as we rarely see such hard edges irl, please disregard if you were going for that ultra graphic look.

Great self portrait btw, keep it up!
Thanks for the tip tbnkaron :D i will have to start practicing that, maybe look up some tutorials too :)

its been awhile since an update so i thought id post a little something. I finally feel like im getting my groove back with drawing more character design stuff. So im going to carry on with that along with some anatomy studies & figure drawing :)