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Full Version: John's Thread (Used to be super active! Still the longest thread name ever in CD)
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neopatogen: It's Abnormal's study! I'm just leeching off of his studies haha!
Hobitt : Heya Hob! Thanks!
Plissken : Can I start off by saying that I love you from the 'Escape From' series? Yes! I love Bargue studies. I should scale back from too much grid placements.. Overwatch looks and plays awesome from what I've seen. That's what I do these days. When I get the itch to spend money on a game and play the crap out of it, I'd just draw them.. Cold turkey!
Hand Gestures:
Hmm.. I get a feeling I'd be ahead of schedule with the portfolio piece. Man I hope I do finish early. CC4 looks super tempting!
It'd be great to have you participate in CC4!
Your hand gestures are improving. Going with those blocky simplifications can be really helpful for thinking about forms, and it seems to be working out for you. You seem to favor flat angles with the palm of the hand or the back of the hand being at a 90° angle to the viewer a bit too much though. It's noticeable that your 3/4 views, sideviews and dynamic angles look weaker than those flat angles, and I think that tendancy of not doing them as much is part of the reason.

The arms of the figure you posted seem questionable. Sure, there's foreshortening going on, but the way they are angled, the width of the lower arms, and the way the shoulders connect to the torso still feel really awkward. Besides that, it bothers me how normal-looking the character is. It's a personal piece. Go do something a little more crazy! Other than that, it's a good base to work off of.
Lodratio: Thanks for the kind words! About the hand references for the gesture, there are poses I feel more comfortable and there are poses where I spend more time scratching my head. Just so we are clear, I get these by random. I am not favoring any poses. I get what Quickposes throw at me! I hope there's a feature where it just throws me the references where I draw my shittiest hands!

The arms do look awkward. Probably still is. I posed for this and it seems to look right on the photo yet it looks off in execution. I'll stop noodling with the line art and start coloring, this will take forever to get it perfect. I do much of the changes in the coloring process anyway! Thanks for the feedback!
Hand gestures:
Looking good. Might wanna scale up the head a bit though. You did that on the dude before as well.
OtherMuzz: I just probably give her more hair.. I love female subjects, easier to cover up!
Forgot to warm up. Crap.. I'm getting complacent and lazy.. Got to get my act together!
Hand Gestures:
When stuck, make other redesigns! Gave him a more gruff look!
Nice character design work and painting on the girl Dr John!

Just a thought and feel free to go your own way but - maybe try a more symmetrical pattern on her face paint?

Keep going dude!
Hey Dr. John!  
I love the hand gesture studies. I need to definitely do it, too. Great work so far, keep going!
I love seeing the steady progress you're making in here. The 2 characters are looking great, my only crit is that some of the construction comes out looking stiff.

Can you upload the images bigger next time? There is a weird dither going on in the background of the girl and I'm not sure if that was on purpose or you're having problems saving the images.
Really nice studies. Keep going, its looking great !
Artloader: That's actually a good idea! First thing I'll do when I go back to it! Thanks!

zest : Knowing you, I'd like to think I'd get a good bashing if I took your compliment! You're not going to pull the football away from me this time Lucy! 

BenFlores : Hi Ben. I'm trying not to look at it for a few days, so I can look at it with fresher eyes the next time and hopefully solve the rigidity. About the dithering, I save on a lower quality setting so images can load faster! I think I got too frugal that time! Thanks for the comments!

Mariyan-Hristov: Crap! I forgot to do my hands! I wish I had more time to do them..

Thanks guys! 

Not much update today.
Fired the old actor and hired a new one. And giving the character a new suit of armor!
Just a little more! And on to the next one!
Sexy hands and sexy girls John. My only critique is that the pose on the last character is pretty stiff, although it looks like you're more focused on the structure and form so I get it. I like how clean and readable the design is though.
Hey John very cool stuff here. I don´t know if you know these artist but it may be some inspiritation;

Don´t know if it´s your cup of tea, but dedinitely it has helped me, i´ve done a few value studies of their awesome work to see where are the strenghts of the pieces.

Quick crit: palms are a bit too small (in the last one). Good work btw.
DQ_Nick: Seeing the stiff comment for at least the third time makes me want to re-evaluate myself for the next piece. Hey man thanks!
RickRichards : Not my cup of tea?! Leave the entire pot! Thanks Rick! I had them bookmarked! Btw, where'd you find them?
Piotr : I feel like a dumb dumb. Gotcha! Fixing them before it reaches anywhere. Thanks!
Hand Gestures:

On to the next piece!
Nice Bargue study - had trouble working out which one was the original! The design on the personal piece is really cool too - good work mate. Is she from a world you are building?

Keep up the hard work!
Artloader: Oh Loader... always so pleasant! The personal project is a character redesign for a Marvel character named "Echo". I gave her a more, sqinty, native Indian look!
Hand gestures:
Hmm.. I should stop doing armor illustrations after this..
Hey John, cool to see you are keeping at it man. :-) But those hand gestures look a bit blocky and stiff to be true "gestures". When I first saw them, I thought they were about breaking hands down to basic shapes. Looks like you are getting something out of it, though, keep practicing.

And yes, draw more armor!
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