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Full Version: BrushNoir CC 1: GoT Game? WIP
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This is my first ever contest and my first ever illustration that I do haha so this is going to be fun. Anyways, I chose to do the character illustration. 

I did some thumbnails and came up with an idea. I chose the character Khal Drogo. I will be placing him in a stone throne with 2 horse heads on them, the horse heads will represent his city Vaes Dothrak. In his hands a sword like weapon. Besides that I'm planning on placing some small ''hints'' like the 3 dragons eggs and the new sigil for the house of negrea (since we were able to combine the options a bit, correct me if i'm wrong). 

The background will have the green mountainy (if that's even a word lol) landscape but I'm not sure on that. Might become to much so I have to do some more sketches for that. At least I have a starting point now.

Here are the rough thumbs that I got so far:


I will continue with the last one since I like that idea the most at this point.

Today I'll make a list of stuff that I need to study or gather more reference for and ofcourse I need to make a timeschedule towards the deadline.
You have all planned out, only thing left now is painting, good luck.
sounds like a neat concept, your description is a really great redesign of the lore as it were but remember to do some redesign of the character too! best of luck ^_^
Nice start. So just to be clear, Khal Drogo is an actual character so you would have to do a redesign of that character either as a different culture or in a totally different genre/time.
Good start make sure you have a solid idea in mind before you start doing more refined sketches!
(03-14-2016, 01:52 PM)Amit Dutta Wrote: [ -> ]Nice start. So just to be clear, Khal Drogo is an actual character so you would have to do a redesign of that character either as a different culture or in a totally different genre/time.

Ah ok, my english failed on me, I thought the redesign belonged to the second option and that the brief was meant to choose a character and place it in his or her enviro, like the example from alex negrea. Thanks for pointing it out early on!
Hmm, no you are right the redesign is for the 2nd and 3rd options! Just it can't be Khal Drogo exactly as he is now in GoT. If you were going to do a redesign of Khal Drogo go for it, I just wasn't sure from your first post. Also I recommend looking at cultural references and picking something that you want to apply to the Khal Drogo character, and maybe doing some exploration studies before doing too many comps. :) Good luck!
@Amit Dutta ah cool, I get it now.
I adjusted my idea and went for the House Negrea option after all.

Since they are connected to nature I'm going for a druid type of character with beetles as sort of working pets, hence the sigil. My idea of drogo in a chair becomes a druid in a tree like chair, but his looks remains a surprise still ;). 

Because the motto is: spring is coming I've done some spring flower quickstudies before I start the drawing phase. Next to that I made some basic sigil ideas and some composition sketches. I'm thinking of going for the last one but perhaps I'm going to explore some more. 

Below is a small sheet of my ideas explained. I'm still thinking out his costume which I have lots of ideas for but not sure yet how to combine the things that I'm thinking off. That will come when I start the drawing itself and in that I'll explore some ideas.

*Warning, my handwriting sucks :p*
Third thumb from the last idea seems the best balanced. Have you decided which to use?
The beetles look good, first one in particular. Perhaps try incorporating the "spring is coming" motto in the colors you choose for it too.
The crocus doesn't looks a lot like a crocus, perhaps open it up more, or add the orange in the middle.
@BlackDelphin Yeah the crocus is closed indeed, I'll have some that are open aswell. As for colors, I'm still thinking about and will explore those in the color comps when my lines are set. But spring colors will be the main goal.

I'm thinking either third or fourth thumb.
good to see you are putting a lot of care in planning things ahead :D my fav thumb is the fourth one, though i like the third too, the second could work but im not sure about the first. Mostly because that weird cropping on the left side.
Anyway, looking forward for more!
@EduardoGaray I'm giving the 4th one a go ^^.

I started my drawing. As far as I can see now is I need to figure out the pose and costume, so for that I'll be doing studies. For now I'm trying to get as far as I can with the line drawing.

Here is the first WIP
WIP 2:


Upcoming days I'll be shooting some ref for the correct poses and will gather refs for the costume/clothing so I can finish the drawing and start painting it. Then I can figure out what to study for materials. Hopefully I'll make the deadline ^^
looking good! only thing i can say is, be careful about the general values/colors you are going to use, because thats a extremely busy composition, i would also make a few thumbnails trying different values and color palettes so the bg doesnt get all the focus the character should have.
Ok thanks, will do that! The idea is indeed to have the focus on the character.
Congrats on this being your first ever contest and illustration! Whaaaaaaaaaat! That's crazy :D

I really like reading about your thought processes and all that good stuff. Your thumbnail wips are looking glorious! Really digging what I'm seeing <3
@smrr Thanks haha, feels way out of my comfortzone (If I have any lol)

Tried to change the composition a bit to make it less busy and overwhelming. Also exploring some costumes. At this point it really feels that I can't draw shit and that I'll never learn anything. I keep forgetting everything and my workflow is yet so chaotic but I will push through that. Anyways, little update.



The marks on the chair stands for negrea in druid alphabet, just so you know.
This looks interesting. Don't worry about this feeling of not being able to draw, keep working on it and it will get better. Your designs look nice, you were able to convey your idea quite well. There is one issue however, the main house characters are usually knights. While you can go with the "druidish" approach you should probably incorporate some "knightly" elements as well.
Wow! Brush, the last update is looking amazing. I really like the composition. And I think you can go with the first costume it feels more royal that can fit really well with a druid queen :)
You said it's your first illustration so it's okay that your workflow is "chaotic". It will get better and you will learn during the process. Don't give up!
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