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Full Version: ArthurO's Sketchbook
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Hey guys!!
Here are some studiessss!

[Image: still2222012.jpg]
[Image: pearlife32012.jpg]
[Image: pearlife31312.jpg]
[Image: orangelife.jpg]
[Image: anatomysheet3112012.jpg]
[Image: Arms3272012.jpg]
Feels great to finally be participating in the crimson dagger community :)
Couple more studies to add today. Starting to feel good about armmms :O

[Image: applelife442012.jpg]

[Image: anatomy422012-1.jpg]

[Image: arms4032012.jpg]

[Image: skulllife422012.jpg]
Hey! Couple of studies from the past week. And some personal work I completed recently :O

[Image: time-studies-1.jpg]

[Image: anatomy4232012.jpg]

[Image: anatomy4222012-1.jpg]

[Image: 4192012anatomystudies-1.jpg]

[Image: femalehead4092012.jpg]

[Image: Dognose-study-1.jpg]

[Image: Arthur_Ortega_SpaceMarine.jpg]

[Image: Arthur_Ortega_The_Octopus.jpg]

And a dog nose
Just a bunch of studies and a personal piece!

[Image: ArthurOrtega_Masterstudy732012.jpg]

[Image: ArthurOrtega_John-Singer-Sargent-742012.jpg]

[Image: ArthurOrtega-The-Explorer-Final-1.jpg]

[Image: ArthurOrtega6182012.jpg]

[Image: ArthurOrtega6192012.jpg]

[Image: ArthurOrtega6202012.jpg]

[Image: ArthurOrtega6222012.jpg]
[Image: anatomy8112012.jpg]

[Image: anatomy8132012.jpg]

[Image: anatomy8152012.jpg]

[Image: anatomy8162012.jpg]

[Image: anatomy8182012.jpg]

[Image: faces8202012.jpg]

[Image: ArthurOrtega-The-Tinkerer-Med.jpg]
Ooooh, there's lots of good work in here. Very nice start. My advice on the face studies would be to draw in the positional lines and leave them there along with the planes, that way you wouldn't have to guess where to place some features. Also, it will help as well for your figure studies if you add in a quick gesture with a bone structure and leave it there as you go before any final lines Example . You're doin great so far man. Keep up the good work.
Hey Dennis! Thanks a lot for stopping by my sketchbook. I looked at that link and it helps a ton. Ill keep it in mind when I'm studying.

Here's some more work from the past week, sketches and a creature.

[Image: ArthurOrtegaThe-Observer.jpg]

[Image: animal-sketches.jpg]

[Image: SkullandRhino.jpg]

[Image: malefaces8222012.jpg]
Your method of rendering on the paintings look very appealing to me, I shall have to figure out how you do it!
Thanks for the kind words Simon.
I mostly use a noisy soft brush, and a chalk brush for details and textures.
Hey folks!
Here's some work from the past week.

[Image: ArthurOrtegaThe-Witch800.jpg]

[Image: gillianjacobscolorstudy.jpg]

[Image: mangostilllife8312012.jpg]

[Image: stilllife932012.jpg]

[Image: onionlife942012.jpg]

[Image: stilllife8292012.jpg]

[Image: arms8302012.jpg]

[Image: anatomy972012.jpg]

[Image: anatomy9282012-1.jpg]

[Image: anatomy9320121.jpg]

[Image: anatomy912012.jpg]

[Image: anatomy9320122.jpg]
Heyyy, here's a bit of what I've been working on lately.

[Image: rhinocolorstudy9162012.jpg]
[Image: john-singer-sargent-master-study.jpg]
[Image: anatomy9920121.jpg]
[Image: anatomy9920123.jpg]
[Image: anatomy9920124.jpg]
[Image: anatomy9920122.jpg]
[Image: anatomy92120121.jpg]
[Image: anatomy92120122.jpg]
[Image: anatomy92120124.jpg]
[Image: anatomy92120123.jpg]
Nice stuff in here Arthur, awesome studies :)

With your personal stuff your figures seem pretty stiff, I see you're doing a lot of figure drawings but you might want to try quick gesture studies to help get a looser feel of your figures from imagination.

Also a lot of your stuff has sharp edges, even where there shouldn't be. Sharp edges are really nice, I know I need to work on getting sharper ones in my own pieces. But with sharpness everywhere there's really no place for the eyes to rest. Try to keep the sharp lines just on the focal point of the piece and have it slowly get softer away from it, might help with that :)

Your rendering and lighting in your pieces looks awesome though, keep it up :)
Hey Forrest! Thanks for stopping by man. I see what you mean about the edges. Im rotating through a couple of paintings at the moment, and ill be sure to focus on the edges.
Thanks man!

And as for todays upload, heres some figure studies!
And a couple of really quick, really bad skin studies.

[Image: anatomy10120122.jpg]
[Image: anatomy10120123.jpg]
[Image: anatomy1012012.jpg]
[Image: anatomy101920121.jpg]
[Image: anatomy1092012.jpg]
[Image: anatomy10920124.jpg]
[Image: anatomy10920123.jpg]
[Image: anatomy10920122.jpg]
[Image: mirrormirrorscreencapstudy1052012.jpg]
[Image: Zac-colorstudy-10152012.jpg]
Finally! Some new work!
[Image: ArthurOrtegaThe-Night-the-Trees-Came.jpg]
Been gone for a while!
A while ago I started working on a webcomic, for practice mostly, but also because it's something I've wanted to do for a very long time.
I'll be launching the comic on my site in a couple of weeks hopefully. But for now, here's a painting and today's warm up sketch!

[Image: anatomy312013_zps7019cfce.jpg]

[Image: ArthurOrtega_Ben_900_zps74ede8d4.jpg]
Man I love how crisp your lines are in your personal pieces. It reminds me of how Alex Negrea does his pieces. I still feel like in some areas it still looks a little bit cut and paste kinda if you know what I mean. As if it was added on later and isn't naturally in the image. I mostly notice it in the Scarlet Witch piece, the eyes face and crown look unnatural to me. Your latest pieces though look great I don't notice anything like that. Keep it up man :) I love the colors in post #14
Yeah! Ive noticed that too, Forrest. It' something I've been trying to get past. I think it has to do with how I used to paint edges; everything being so sharp.
Thanks for stopping being Forrest, I appreciate it!

Also, here's another character from that little web comic I've been working on!

i love Your colors! and your pics are so fresh ;3
if You have time, i think You should do more portraits though ;>
anyways, nice gallery! keep going! ^^
Hey! Thanks holdkocos, you're very kind. I've become increasingly obsessed with portraits, so you can definitely expect more to come.

Here are a couple of half finished still life sketches! Two hours just isn't enough time to paint a full still life . :/

I gotta start painting more deliberately.

[Image: apple2013_zpsabfe0c6b.jpg]

[Image: apple2_zps4ed0da33.jpg]

And lastly, the final character in my web comic!

[Image: 302c4821-675b-4a28-8b3f-8094b2eca8c0_zpse6be5652.jpg]
I've been working on my likeness capturing skills, so here is a portrait of Liv Tyler and some more work from my webcomic.

[Image: Liv-Tyler-liv-tyler_zpsb34e9289.jpg]

[Image: Gregory-Butcher-Issue-1-6001_zps38a442f7.jpg]