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Full Version: Swiftys Sketchbook - My Traditional Workings
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Hello Crimson Daggers and welcome to my Sketchbook!

While I've had most of my experience in traditional and a little bit in digital lately I've found I really love working with watercolors. These works, posted chronologically, are my first attempts at the medium.

[Image: 07HGeJR.jpg]

[Image: Ihzn5z5.jpg]

[Image: FAYRIHm.jpg]

[Image: B8MVHkr.jpg]

[Image: 7NAxEQo.jpg]

And these two are my current WIPs:

[Image: OH9HzMG.jpg]

[Image: oNWCd4i.jpg]
Nice start dude and for a first attempt at watercolours that's really good.
I'm assuming your main interest is in drawing creatures?
Thanks Triggerpigking, I think my main interest is nature and traditional mediums. I find it much more relaxing than working digital.

Watercolour - with a referenced design
[Image: 4rWM2R2.jpg]

And my first hand attempt at Acrylic painting:
[Image: DGMdY0v.jpg]
Welcome! I'm always happy to see another watercolour artist. I share your love for traditional medium and nature as well.
Looking forward to see more :)
Thanks Eyliana! When I get a moment I'll have to pop in and take a look at your sketchbook :)

Some more paintings:



Almost finished my small watercolour sketchpad. I have a Moleskine watercolour journal on order from the UK along with some W&N Watercolour paints, so I'm really looking forward to getting those! Hopefully next week!

I picked up a cheap A5 sketchpad just for pencil & ink sketches as not to waste my watercolour paper, so I've started filling those out. I think my goal will be to try and finish both by end of the year.

[Image: DccPdgI.jpg]

[Image: KUyYXty.jpg]

[Image: Yij5qgo.jpg]

[Image: sv3FfV2.jpg]

[Image: K0dSh1S.jpg]

[Image: 9TbukTg.jpg]

[Image: GXibtvM.jpg]

I need to remember not to over-work my watercolours. The first one I killed by treating it more like an acrylic. We learn from our mistakes though!
My September Crimson Crucible Challenge:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=91090]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=91118]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=91153]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=91184]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=91208]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=91305]

I ran out of time at the end but I had a lot of fun with this and learnt a lot. I went and got a bunch of bigger paints and a new canvas ready for whatever I end up painting next :)

And I finally got around to finishing this: