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Full Version: CC3 Desert Temple Fractal Experiment
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I decided to do some experimenting for this one. It's probably a little bit enviroment overfocus but I really want to finish this. There are some things I know I'll have to change, so I'll probably have to doodle for a while.

Crits are welcome!

I finally set a schedule for my streams - monday and wednesday at 7pm gmt+1 and friday 9am. I'll be painting this today on the stream, you're welcome to join me (especially if you have any questions about CC).

Thanks for checking my thread. I'm not sure if I'll have the time to comment in your threads but I'll certainly check them out!
Whoa Piotr you're so fast! This piece is already full of detail.

I wonder who's that mystery figure on the top of the temple... And is the person below walking, running or almost falling? Tormented by thirst for water or for knowledge? Or ready to fight? Maybe he could ride some desert animal?
Hope to see more of a story here!

The temple's very unconventional. It reminds me of guts in a weird way o_0 But never mind, it's cool! I actually like it :) Maybe some dead lianas enlacing the building would make sence? Or maybe not! :)
i agree :)
so much detail already.
Those details are mostly textures :)

That white person is supposed to be the traveler, I know it doesn't look like it yet, it's basically a blob of white, but I'll get there. To be honest I like that "priest look" and I actually consider doing 2 versions, for the cc and for the portfolio. We will see.

That black figure below was also a quick blob test of the treasure hunter, but I'll probably get rid of it.

That animal could be a good idea. I'll do some more exploration.

As for the temple I might try adding some more conventional architecture elements (it is supposed to be metalic, not sure if it reads like that) :)
I'm wondering how you get so many magnificent textures in your work! They look so detailed!!
Piotr the baws! All I can say ^^
Dude what the eff this is awesome on all kinds of levels my mind is racing so fast I don't even have time for proper grammar or syntax omfgndam
Thanks guys :P

As for textures I used Mandelbulber to create some fractal 3d shapes and then copy+paste, tweak, transform etc. all over the place. Recently I've learned a lot about texturing and I'm way more patient when it comes to that. Also I use some custom brushes with color and value variations that give a bit more of a textured look.
Update. I probably made it look worse...

Any crits? I would appreciate that.
Interesting experiments are always interesting to observe. I would suggest maybe simplify stuff that is not in the focal point right now its very busy in terms of detail.
Yes, that's a good point. Although I've actually made it even busier already... :P
Yeah what is this man? Totally dead end idea. Better just give up art altogether, and become a stripper/gigolo.

Honest opinion, it needs atmosphere, a better composition that isn't so "telephoto", and some emotional drive. It feels deader than David Hasselhof's music career.
Don't you dare warn me bro
Next time I'll ban you :D
haha...I preempted your scheme :O)
Pretty good start, I like how you arrange the shapes which made for a interesting composition.
Crits? That's hard.. I already wrote I'd like to see a story here, or some action/motion.
I just got an idea of a big treasure hunters gang approaching to the temple (one person would be too small and a gang takes enough place to build some interesting shape). With mules or camels loaded with sacks of some cheap artifacts, treasure hunters are willing to finally find something valuable in this mysterious temple. The lonely priest is the only person dwelling in this abandoned place, he already forgot how old he is and he's almost a ghost...  But I think the brief presumes only one treasure hunter.
Or one  treasure hunter could fly towards the temple on a dragon or some other creature...a pegasus-camel??
Yeah, seconding tienchi and neopatogen. While you're doing great in terms of technical stuff, there isn't much of a story in your image. Id say, go for a more dynamic angle. Place your camera in such a way that it creates a cinematic shot: Something like over the treasure hunters shoulder, looking at them from inside the ruins, or a sideview with a bit of an angle to it. I like to avoid doing crazy perspective because it's a lot more difficult to get right than doing a nice, flat angled view from a distance, and as a result I don't have as much practice with crazy perspective, which makes it even more of a challenge when I do try to make it work. Don't fall into that same trap mang.
Hmmm, for crits, I have to agree that it doesn't have much story or emotion in it; it sort of describes a place, but not what's happening in it. Is something exciting going on? Is there a ritual involved, or traces of it? Is there something in its past that might have made a mark, which never changed? (like the skeleton of a giant?)

The colors are also very "true to life" and thus they evoke more of a photograph than a mood.

But technically it's amazing! Definitely want to see where you go with it.
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