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Full Version: Cookin' Book
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A few personal WIPs.


Fake poster for a undead metal band.

Fan art of Rawhead Rex.
The Dange-Daniel Zone!

Good work! Love the painting of Dan sleeping :)
Kick-ass Rawhead Rex study! Keep pumpin' out the pixels!

Thanks! What a stream that was. Haha.


Cheers! I love the shape of his head so I had to do some fan art. Haha.


Here's some new stuff.

Nice stuff, keep it up. Looking forward to seeing finished versions.
i really like how you render skin! =))
Cheers, man.

Once was a Skesis(still is :-/ ) now a blue bird creature.



Imagination sketch.

Wow your characters and creatures are looking good man! loving the textures and detailing!
Really awesome stuff here! Super well rounded, great job man!
Cheers, fellas!

Here's an old sketch that I played around with yesterday.


I know what you're thinking... It looks like a GpOeOnMiBsA. o_^
Sweet sketchbook, look forward to seeing more!
After watching Anthony Jones' stream.


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