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Feedback of any kind is welcome and appreciated :)

[Image: GsiSyq8.png][Image: 49ib6gC.png][Image: 6ZBRTdN.png][Image: V8VGISu.png][Image: eIml8Pc.png][Image: qgLouDF.png][Image: LVa1ATz.png][Image: jPH94JT.png][Image: g6bOxsu.png][Image: lr4TlYU.png][Image: Y48nY7d.png][Image: mEVy0d2.png][Image: SaLBgfv.png][Image: b7kcYRU.png][Image: HM0WJLZ.png][Image: vFPiEKo.png][Image: E2Ku2ta.png][Image: oYj5VJ8.png]
The design language is diverse. I can see a little bit of Pokemon, Digimon, some anime inspired mech! Where do you get your inspiration from?
(05-17-2016, 02:36 PM)John Wrote: [ -> ]The design language is diverse. I can see a little bit of Pokemon, Digimon, some anime inspired mech! Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get most of my inspiration from old videogame art and music, obscure rpg's and power metal is my favorite combo ever :D

Sometimes i will just scribble something up using shapes i have seen throughout the day and tweak it until it looks like "something", and then i flesh it out referencing things it reminds me of, this last dude is an example: 

[Image: G574Qe4.png]

[Image: j1lm8KD.png]

[Image: eRMrBpx.png]
More random:

[Image: jZPaK5U.png][Image: UlddVre.png][Image: jC7217F.png][Image: zMt8YSn.png][Image: LSnOXRl.png][Image: qLDiA2w.png][Image: fyYCMlo.png]
I think I've been doing way too much thowaway stuff, trying to remember how to finish an image :S

[Image: FGOIj4A.png][Image: cAbSLLg.png][Image: 4J6fayx.png][Image: twEkIf3.png][Image: y8j5GUP.png][Image: DxmRCSg.png?1]
I'm digging your dragon/reptillian-inspired design language here man, and I know what you mean about trying to remember how to finish a piece ha ha
More inconsistent, random stuff -_-

[Image: Mhi2FVM.png][Image: ZeGqoQz.png]
Been trying to come up with a way to render things faster...

Color and me, we don't get along very well :/

[Image: F0zUuB8.png][Image: tgFJdGT.png][Image: EFF1hWH.png][Image: V3HaELu.png]
Your creature designs are very Guyver-esque.
[Image: News44991.jpg]
(07-31-2016, 01:18 PM)Adam Lina Wrote: [ -> ]Your creature designs are very Guyver-esque.
[Image: News44991.jpg]

I haven't watched that specific anime yet, but i see what you mean, i am very much a fan of the 90's over-the-top anime biomech aesthetic, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Yugioh, Megaman, Power Rangers... so many things influence the look i go to for things like that.

More random stuff, i think i finally found a method that gets me through a complete image fast enough:

[Image: wc2Pquh.png][Image: 2cXFMmb.png][Image: tA0mRCP.png][Image: OlUj97R.png][Image: zUIgVsD.png]

This one is a tiny pencil sketch i took a photo of and digipainted over, i kinda like the texture graphite gives to stuff:

[Image: F0jSnAd.png]

And something i actually ended up finishing, the plan was to see how far i could push rendering from one of those detailed linearts using color from the start, but i ended up stopping when it looked ok from afar.

[Image: GcH9NjP.png]

I want to continue working on it, but i feel it would never be enough and i could just keep zooming in forever -_-
You're headed in a really interesting, to me, direction with all the details and textures you paint into your images and I can't wait to see how you develop as an artist. By the way what are your main influences?
yo man thanks for taking the time and strolling by my sb, everything here looks cool and very focused, i like that, some wonky perspective here and there that i think would help you push your awesome forms and mechs further, just food for thought, keep the awesome pace going!