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Full Version: Flo's sketchbook
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Hi guys,

A skinball at first, hoped to get a) the rendering of the ball b) a skin-like structure and c) some skin-like details (wrinkles, skars, hairs)

was done in approximately 1 hour and a half.

Second one took ca. 2 hours if I remember correctly.

hope you like it.
heya, nice studies man, you should explore the darker values more though as your studies look a bit too light therefore kinda flat. Something you can do to check if the values are right is to make the image grayscale. Keep it up go go go
Thank you for the nice words. I will incorporate your critique. Here is another landscape and some bridgeman studies. I am not quite sure if it is any difference to work through bridgeman or through loomis (or anybody else) first. I decided to go for bridgeman as I love his lines. Seems like he was a graffiti artist at some point, lol.

hey guys,
so here is another facestudy.
ca 3,5 h all in all

That face study looks nice, but, imo, I'd prefer the shirt painted loosy than the texture you used, it takes me away from the painting feeling :p
Thanks for the kind words and the good advice. I will work on that.
Very good start to a sketchbook, try to apply some of the studies to a painting from memory sometimes, it's quite helpful :)
Hey tooth, thanks for the post. I will try to incorporate the things I learn into my pictures and I hope it will show. Here is a quick one (20 - 25 min) of a polar bear. I try to increase my speed as well and by that I hope to learn to go for the important shapes first.

nice work mate. you gonna improve fast. I can feel it :D
I wait eagerly for the new stuff :)
Some crustaceans. Put around 3,5 hours in.
I tried to get a feel for the structure, but I guess I ended up sketching in the shape and applying some texture to it. Oo
4 hour bust, not much more to say about it :)
Hey, great studies! Your use of texture is getting much better with this last update. You might want to pay attention to your edges a bit more, you could definitely use some crisper areas.
Hey Corey,

thanks for the fast response and the kind words :)
I kinda faked the texture with a technique i ripped of from dan luvisi. I tried to add some more details around the eyes and the nose. Where would you say could be some crispier edges?

hey Flo,
love the latest study. good sense of plasticity and texture.
contrasts look good. overall your study seems to be darker than your reference. my only advise would be to use more and brighter highlights. that way you can separate areas even more and might get that crispy edges here and there.
It is GREAT that you're doing these studies! It's one of the fastest, best ways to learn how to do this stuff properly.

When I'm doing my photostudies, sometimes I use the color picker, just to check and see if my eyes are giving me the correct information. You don't necessarily want to pull colors directly from the photos you're using, but it can really help show you if you're going in the right direction at least.
Hey guys,

thanks for the encouragement and critiques, I really enjoy to read them.

I checked the colors a little later but I had planned to stay in a timeframe of 4 hours and I wouldn't have made it if I went over the whole thing after that. What do I learn from this? Check earlier and wait with the final touches until the basics are correct :)

My paintings tend to be a little too flat, I have to work on that. There is still a lot to learn :)

Hey guys,

today's study.
reffed from the "atlas of anatomy for the artist".

Hey guys,

a friend of mine told me yesterday, that she would put EVERY LINE SHE DRAWS in her sketchbook, to show her progress. I am not sure if I agree with her, since then the sketchbook could become boring due to an imbalance of quantity to quality, I have to admire the courage. So I decided to show some of my scribbles as well, since I am not only working with digital media.

I am trying a new approach with is more scribbly and loose, which I find really comfortable. I basicly just scribble until I like what I see, then I refine. It is not an very efficient way of working, since my hand is moving pretty fast and I am using up a lot of pencil, but it is fun and I like the result.

On the first page I did the left one before I did the anatomy study above and the right on after the study without ref. The rest are quick comps and scribbles :>

A question to you guys, since I am struggling with this: I am not sure if I need to do Loomis or Bridgeman or any of those anatomy guys, since I think I can learn anatomy by doing studies (like the one above). But would you say I miss out on something if I never study those books? I have to admit, I have been kind of avoiding the books, because of the mentioned reason, but every now and then I think that's just lazyness. What's is your opinion on that? Life-studies or anatomy books? One thing that bugs me about those books is the stylization and interpretation that the authors did of the human figure, which I then would incorporate in my work. If I only did life-studies I would do all the simplification and interpretation (and therefore stylization) myself, which is a good thing right?

Worked on this for around 6 - 7 hours today.

Some female studies.

So I have this book about figure drawing by Louise Gordon. I never see her name mentioned anywhere, but I had it for 10 years and it is actually pretty useful to see the bones and muscles depicted in a somewhat realistic fassion. Does any of you guys know it?

The first one was done with ref, the second one was a simplification. The next two where done from memory and the last one I corrected with red pen.

Gotta get this into my brain ^^

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