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Full Version: What art jobs have the most openings?
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I am curious as to what art jobs (or subfields) are in the most demand right now. Is there anything that comes close to approaching the number of open positions in the tech industry?
Very very broad question. Try honing it down a bit more. What is an art job for you? Is graphic design or user interface design, or advertising considered an art job to you?
For what country? It makes a difference.

You should probably search for research company reports on recruitment or workforce stats (sometimes recruitment firms publish this info as well) in the country you are interested in. Also the department of statistics in most countries will have workforce and job statistics which will be way more accurate than the conjecture you will get from asking in here.

You also have to take into account supply and demand, not just gross number of positions open. Eg regardless of the numbers there is probably way more competition for art jobs because too many artists competing for fewer positions, but it is often hard for companies to find good tech people because the supply isn't keeping up with the huge growing demand.

But that aside, without proper stats, and without looking for you I would say advertising, media and web design probably has the largest number, but that's not strictly "art" jobs, though there are crossover skills between them.

One thing you can probably count on for a while is there will always be way fewer art jobs than there will be in tech, probably for the forseeable future. Although there is a growing number of jobs that combine tech and art especially in the movie / game industry where 3D or VR pipeline is involved. Most studios have three times (made up number, but it's more) as many 3d / technical artists over 2d ones.