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for start I want to say if I am posting this to wrong section or something tell me right away.

Just wanted to ask if something like that could pass as a portfolio piece for some works? or is it too weird looking? 
Past few years I have been just studying art but I dont have any experience with freelance or marketing myself so 
I don´t know what is good and what is wrong, but I wanted to create some more characters like that with similiar style, but if it isn´t workable rather save myself time by doing something else. 

and one more thing. Do I have a chance to get some work with skills I have now or is it too soon for me with that? I want to do some fantasy illustration/character design but you know beggars can´t be choosers.
Possibly in the crit section might be more applicable, but since you are asking about work readiness, it's all good here too.

I like the attitude you have shown in the character. It comes across well. An interesting pose. I think her proportions are a little too long overall in the torso and even more so for her legs, but it's not too bad and could be attributed to deliberate stylisation, but make sure it is deliberate, or it might come across as a mistake.
At the moment I'd say more work needed to embellish her design, especially in the mostly plain tunic and trousers. Think about embroidery or fabric patterns, and accessories like buckles, buttons, brooches etc. Doesn't have to be over the top, but a bit more visual interest might help to make it a little less generic. It's a totally different style so not directly applicable, but check out the design work done for the elves for the LOTR and hobbit movies, particularly by Nick Kellar...that's how you do design! Another ref might be the dragon age inquisition tarot card art. It's closer in style but more stylised and bolder in the shape language than yours, but it might give you some ideas on how to push your design language further.

I think you could differentiate materials a little more between the armour, clothing and leather boots. I think you need to indicate the ground plane and give her a cast shadow just to ground her in the scene more.

In terms of skill, I think when you've done some of that finishing work it's probably good enough to show in a folio that you are hireable to do work of this style...just need to direct it at projects and clients that match!
Amit Dutta - Thanks for answer. Desing is something I only just now looking at so yea need to experiment with that. Thanks I am going to check this out didnt even think about looking at things like that. Dont even know why. and yes materials... this was basically experiment with style so I try to do it better in the future :D
I was listening to new dave rapoza and daniel warren livestreams and they are talking about promoting myself and I dont know how to do that so I should also look to that.
Thanks again for the reply and thanks for the tip for things to look at, the dragon age things look really good. I wasnt sure if continue doing stuff like that but now I try to do some more characters.
No probs.
Promotion can be split into a couple of basic ways of looking at it, Indirect and direct.

Indirect means you spam your stuff on all the biggest art sites, Art station, dA, cgsociety. You can also share your work via social media on Instagram, Twitter, facebook, and you can do posts on reddit and imgur in the various categories. Learn to use hashtags on Insta and Twitter.
If you have content you think might be useful to others (workflow / process / tips etc) you can also create YT video content.

Direct means you send links to your folio directly to potential clients / companies / ADs that you have found through prior research.

The indirect way is good to get your stuff out to a wider audience and will build up over time so it is good to do fairly consistently, or at least when you have new work you want to share but there is no way of telling when or with whom you will get work from. The direct way may directly lead to gigs in the short to medium term, and you can (and should) keep track of who you have approached.

Do both.

I see many new freelancers doing the indirect, but not doing the direct enough, expecting that clients will magically land on their laps. Sometimes it will, especially if you have been sharing your stuff indirectly for quite a while, but don't skimp on the direct way...that should actually be your focus if you want to get paying jobs quicker.

There are also things such as going to artist conventions or comic cons and things like that, probably a little down the line for you.

That's basically it really.

Have one main place that every image you post links back to where you want the most focus, like your central hub. Many people use ArtStation these days. It's not a bad idea, lots of AD's will use it to find new artists. At least have a profile there, if you want to have your own website as well.
Amit Dutta- Thanks again

 sorry I don´t have much to say to that just take it in. Yea I post my stuff only on DA and sketchbooks becouse other sites are pretty scary with that good work that is posted there, but yea with making art I should just forget about my pride and do it. I maybe use artstation as main portfolio thing it sounds pretty good thanks. I do indirect just as I said just on DA and direct I don´t do at all :D ... never send to anybody my work it is totaly new world for me so I need to figure this out from basics. I saw some threads here on CD so that should help.
Anyways thanks again for reply this pretty much some things clearel.