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Full Version: miloyoyos quest to not be garbo
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Hello, I have been drawing for a little over 2 years and I decided for my third year (starting in may) to actually get more serious about my fundamentals so I am following a guide and syllabus I found online. I've finished term 1 (perspective) and am currently starting to wrap up term 2 (anatomy), I should be finished with it by sep 10, and then it's onto term 3 (painting).  Here's some stuff from last few days. criticisms and critiques are always welcome. 

[Image: cagHd2j.png]
[Image: aQTyqsx.png]
[Image: zng5mJc.png]
[Image: skB5UoW.png]
Hey nice studies! How have you liked followed a syllabus so far?
Yes, it has been very helpful. Before I was just randomly doing drawings or studies day to day. I was making progress but I wasn't getting very in depth with anything aside from maybe anatomy, the guide has helped give me structure. This is the guide btw I'm moving some things around to suit me but I'm generally sticking to what it is giving me.

I have such a hard time making cleaner lines, or just doing one line and sticking with it.

[Image: kO7mwW6.png]
Welcome to the forum Miloyoyo :).

Those are some nice looking anatomy studies and your lines look pretty clean to me.

Keep it going :).
ayy thanks for the compliment artloader. I feel like my lines are too hairy sometimes though, like I keep going over them or not doing one long cleaner stroke.

happy friday

[Image: ttzyK1e.png]
whoops forgot to upload yesterday 

[Image: rhXVxWp.png]

[Image: 87cLGeT.png]
I always have a hard time with productivity. I need to think of more constructive ways to utilize the time I have so I don't waste so much of it.
[Image: CQpJLNh.png]
[Image: qXGAZPF.png]
just mostly doodled today, couldn't really focus. tomorrow will be better. looking forward to end of anatomy and start of painting.

[Image: 7o3MEg6.png]
ahhhhhhhhh [Image: C8W0SaM.png]
[Image: uvKghTm.png]
grahhh im so lazy and shitty and the only person who can change that is me, last week for anatomy lets not be lazy and fuck it up and then its onto painting lets go go go
[Image: VnfueXn.png]

[Image: oITQzGB.png]

[Image: fUAFE8m.png]
That's a lot of nice anatomy sketches!

Have you got all the muscles memorized so far, or are you having any trouble areas? I'd say keep doing these every now and then so you don't get rusty with it, you'll only get better. Keep it up.
Thanks for the compliment Dennis! so far I'd like to think that I've memorized all the key muscles, some of the smaller ones that don't make much surface form, or that twist and turn with the skeleton I have a little trouble remembering their name. But ya, I'd like to think that this study term was overall good. I'm probably never really going to get away from anatomy too much cause I like drawing the figure so much.

I'm going to start posting my time drawing daily so hopefully it will motivate me to stay focused and drawing.

[Image: Kvm4rGP.png]

[Image: aMXRqdL.jpg]
Really nice anatomy studies, miloyoyo. You can already see an improvement. How long do you spend on each anatomy study?

Posting your time spent drawing is such a brilliant idea. There's nothing like visually seeing how much time you actually spend wasting to motivate you to work harder.
ayy thanks for the compliment chubby. I'm not really sure how much time I spend on each one. For some I just do timed gestures and for others I just have a goal in mind on what I want it to do and just work on it until it's finished.

[Image: tv63vLQ.png]

[Image: yLHRO51.jpg]
[Image: QL9dC6m.png]

[Image: iY7H2SR.jpg]
happy friday fellow wage slaves. today last day for anatomy so I decided to just take it easy. Term 2 of 6 completed!!!! I don't feel like I improved much since I started the term but at least I stuck with the guide. Next up is painting, I'm just going to do it until the end of the year. I'm pretty terrible at colors and painting in general so I'm hoping to make good art gains this term.
[Image: REwWI6l.png]
[Image: M7PTuXE.jpg]
It begins
[Image: cG6IMb1.png]
[Image: s7vKg9m.jpg]
[Image: JVJ57dN.png]

[Image: 1HZ09xD.jpg]
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