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Full Version: Fried Plasma Node Hyperdrive Sketchbook
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Howdy all,

Decided it was time for some accountability and community. These sketchbook threads are really inspiring.
I will upload studies, sketches and traditional work soon, but in the mean time here is the digital work to serve as a starting point.

Cheers all, yall rock.


Finished pieces





A morning quickie

and this morning

freehand and not terribly accurate, but a good time all the same. Quick photoshop "greys"
Not a lot of studies to speak of recently. 

Here are some pen and sketches, as warmup for a friend's project.


A sketch[attachment=91314]

And that sketch taken quite a few hours down the road while listening to some Dave. Lots to do left, push the values for one, but I'm pleased with it so far.

Now off to do some studies.
Just order a silicone head off on amazon...pretty excited about it.
In the mean time:


No color picker used until I finished. Eh. Close enough for now. 


EDIT: Something I just noticed is that I consistently need to go darker...
Hey there Charle, welcome to the forums! Keep drawing and keep pushing, I like what you've done with the leather-jacket-chick. If I had to suggest one thing, however, it'd be to watch your colors. With the piece with the boy looking into the mirror, your painting has a lot more greens/blues than the reference does and feels much colder as a result. Be mindful of the overall picture first and how you can get it to more resemble the reference.

Keep it up!
(09-23-2016, 05:15 PM)Nick Waldinger Wrote: [ -> ] however, it'd be to watch your colors....a lot more greens/blues than the reference does and feels much colder as a result.

Cheers man.
Also, I appreciate the reality check. I really struggle with putting too much green/blue into paintings, especially when doing traditional work. Definitely will keep working on it.