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Hey Peeps,
Gonna finally start posting studies in here so i can track my progress. 
Feedback much appreciated :)

Tried to study some clothing today, did a few small sketches -  and did the tank too.
Hi Adam! Nice start to your sketchbook. Looking forward to seeing more studies from you in the future.
Hi and welcome! Studies are good but you should focus on some specific stuff like perspetcive, values, shapes etc. Good luck and keep it up!
Thanks guys. Yah Im be doing abit of value studies soon
Heres some more stuff, been doing value studies - i didnt bother doing blending on the asaro heads as value guessing was the main point of the exercise.
Ello peeps

Ive started going to life drawing and plan to at least once a week for the next year. The sketches here were done from photos though. 

Also did this drapery study using a 5 value system - feedback on this one appreciated. 

Thanks :)