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hi guys, this is my first post. I hope to help and receive a lot of criticism. I made some studies. Reviews are very welcome.

[Image: 35bryxl.jpg][Image: 2qmm3jb.jpg][Image: 2mr6s5t.jpg][Image: 35iq5qt.jpg]
Hey dude welcome to the forum! Your figure studies are looking solic I can't think of any useful critiques at the moment but just wanted to say hi. Keep posting!
(09-20-2016, 02:05 PM)The Lama Wrote: [ -> ]Hey dude welcome to the forum! Your figure studies are looking solic I can't think of any useful critiques at the moment but just wanted to say hi. Keep posting!

Thank you very much your work is amazing! I will do everything possible to keep posting! You have facebook can keep in touch and motivate us to study more evolve. We can exchange study materials too! thank you so much
Welcome to Crimson Daggers Ramon :).

I agree with The Lama there - your gestures are looking good - they have a nice flow to them and I can see from your wrapping lines that you are thinking of the 3D form as well.

Have you seen Proko's YouTube channel? He has some great figure drawing videos on there.

Keep it up mate!
Hi Artloader , thanks for watching my studies ... I'm trying to do it yourself, think of 3D as I do the linnhas is a great exercise. It really like the gestures Glenn Vilppu his method it is really good and their work is amazing!
Second posting. I did some studies of the human figure trying after studies with reference to something of imagination to see what I learned. In addition to criticism if they want to share types of exercises that can add to my studies will be great.
[Image: 2h4yf40.jpg]
[Image: 2yvlc0o.jpg]
[Image: mbobqc.jpg]
[Image: 3010dw2.jpg][Image: xgm6vc.jpg]
[Image: 2dc6fr5.jpg]

thank you for visiting my folder!
More studies this week. I'm focused on the human figure ... criticism is very welcome!

[Image: 2vkxhyq.jpg]
[Image: 6pnqs8.jpg]
[Image: 2q2on0g.jpg]
[Image: etfn0p.jpg]
[Image: 10xh7nt.jpg]

[Image: 33bjtcx.jpg]

[Image: b8pxf6.jpg]
[Image: eun5t5.jpg]
[Image: kafj2w.jpg]
You've got some promising stuff in here, I'd reccomend trying to pretty up a few drawings like the one you did on the right here

Using line weight or values, then try to invent something like a character with hair and a costume maybe... Also start investing in face construction, the stalin portrait his nose is very skewed it looks like someone broke it hehe; Your figures are very good though, just watch the proportions in the midsection, they are too short like in these

With this girl, it's not ALWAYS like this, but in general it gives a more attractive measurement. THe distance from the pectoralis connecting to the deltoid, down the bottom of the rib cage is the same distance from the bottom of the rib cage to the crotch. Almost like a half/half thing

But i've seen even pros make this mistake (and constantly), and it really can cost them a good image despite the fabulous rendering around it
Your figures and anatomy studies are looking awesome Ramon! Are you studying from Vilppu? You mentioned him earlier.

I don't feel I can give you any useful critique - just keep it going dude!