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Full Version: Tessa's scribblings and oil paintings
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Thanks for checking out my sketchbook! :D

I used to have a sketchbook here when I was 15, but times have changed and so have my works. 
Time for a fresh start!
I'm currently 19, and I've decided to abandon my photoshop, I sold my cintiq and turned to traditional media only. 
I've found out that the smell of paint and the dirty hands from charcoal are my favourite thing (;
Being unable to attend an atelier school, great books and people on the internet are a great help. (plus, it's fun!) 
Twice a week I get painting technique lessons from a restorer, and I'd love to share my oil paintings.

Here's a small overview of some of my works, sketches will follow soon:










Studies will be posted soon!

This is a picture of my workplace :)

Wow Tessa, one of the strongest first posts i've seen on this site! Really beautiful stuff! Are you using a grid method for these? They all seem like reference paintings, which is fine; do you ever plan on painting from imagination? :)

Great work great, great stuff
Hey! Thank you!!

I do not use a grid method, usually I make several drawings and then transfer the best one onto the panel.
They are indeed paintings from photo. I'd prefer painting from life wayyyyy more, sadly no one I know wants to sit still for 40 hrs haha (; I'm aware of the distortion a lens can give.
I also prefer to work from a black and white picture, and look at paintings from old masters in the museum for the colors. (I live in the Netherlands so we've got the rembrants and rubens' nearby)
I have a couple of lifedrawing sessions planned, REALLY looking forward to it :D

I don't plan to paint from imagination, it's simply too hard for me to get a good result. Drawing from imagination on the other hand, is something I love to do.

Right now I'm studying a winter landscape from the dutch painter Andreas Schelfhout. I'll try to snap a W.I.P. picture this week in class (:

Cheers! (;