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Full Version: Intakt`s Sketchbook
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Hi everybody!
at the moment i`m trying to learn the basics like design principles and compositon and stuff so i tought it might be a good idea to keep a sketchbook to record my processes and hopefuly make some improvements. Sorry for my English skills i hope i will improve them as well.
Welcome Int :)
Nice set of thumbnails. You'd have a lot of fun with scene generator on this site. Check it out)
Welcome to Crimson Daggers Intakt!

I love the thumbnail silhouettes - I'm trying to get more into thumbnailing and silhouettes myself so find your work most interesting.

Reminds me of the Notan Study Group we have on this forum - maybe you should check it out:

Good luck and keep it going :).
@ Prabu Thank you :)  I searched for the scene generator but for some reason i can`t find him do you have a link?
@Artloader i was very sceptical at first but now that i tryed the methods i think they are really helpfull 
btw thanks for the link :)
Man i love how graphic and simplified everything looks, could learn a lot from that.
@ Codo thats awesome to here :)
@[b]Prabu thank you! that is really cool :)[/b]
anatomy and value studies
got my how to render copy from scott robertsen Party