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Full Version: I'm Coming Home
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Hey how's it going. Look it's a sketchbook. 

Daily updates, probably, with just the one sketchbook page unless I do, like, more than that.

Figure this out as we go along, I guess.
Should probably look into figuring out a new way to photograph this stuff.

Stilt leg on that mannequin model down there.
This might have to do for today, I'll update if I manage some sketches I'll just update the post.

Also aware that I'm not particularly participating in the rest of the forum, which kinda defeats the purpose of the whole forum aspect. I'll work towards it, joined at a time in my life where it wasn't a good idea to do so.

The title of the thread doesn't mean anything, but I mean how many amalgamation of "Username's Sketchbook" can you really come up with?

Total mess of a painting, out of time.
I really enjoy your detailing of clothes, mechanical parts and the facial structures. It definitely adds characters to your drawings and gives a good impression of the materials. Maybe try to use a bit more line weight to support the details with more lighting information. Crosshatching is also a good way to add more interest.

I also like your choice of the colors in the last images. There are also lots of neat little details in the picture already, even though the brush strokes are still rough. I would love to see this image being fully rendered! :) 

PS: Don't worry too much about the whole setup of your thread/ forum. Take your time to get to know everything and then join conversation when you are comfortable with it.

Have a nice day and keep the drawings coming! :)
Cheers and thanks man, I do intend to experiment with ways to make these simple sketches pop so thanks for pointing that out.

Have yet to make crosshatching look good, unfortunately, might just stick with line weight and different pencil types. Don't think I'll be going back to that painting, though, it really was a case of struggling with Corel Painter. Learning pains, I guess.
Thanks for the welcome, anyway! I will try to branch out. You know, in time.

So here's some fantasy stuff.
I don't really have an excuse for this one, just sort of tiredly bashing it out at 1am.

Figures take me like 20-30 minutes each, not sure if that's slow or whatever.

Where the skulls take like 3 hours to draw, bloody hell.
Might tone it down from here with the daily posts, accrue work to post in lots for more meaningful updates and such.

For now, here's Elton John and horses.

Goodbye horses (I'm standing over you).
There we go, bunch at once.

Couple of pages, an avatar whipped up so I've got something to shoe for the site and a commission.

Just for my brother, don't worry. I'm not devaluing the market too hard. 

Would like to participate in the CC. Hope I can make time.
Man I've should probably stop leaving this until like 1am where I haven't any energy left.

Well whatever.
This week's haul.

I look around on the reg but I've got like a frog in my throat or something when it comes to actually saying something. This one goes out to all my lurking brethren out there - to the lethargic, the anxious, the distracted and the depressed.