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Full Version: kvSketch Learns to Get Gewd
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okay, I wanted to give you another crit because I've been learning a lot of this myself lately... See this character you did has a cool costume, and the rendering ain't bad but the pose is super stiff. The best way to ditch that is to do like super rough sketches like this and try to avoid straight lines in the gesture as much as you can. These rough sketches shouldn't take more than 2 minutes, and you should go for energy and twists and curves more than even considering accuracy or proportions. 

Like I see you doing these gestures as studies but not applying them. I know anatomy is tough and what not but when you try these really bold angles, you'll learn even more about what is working and what's not, as well as what you can not show, which is also very important. I've been reading this site by Paul Richards and it really has got me thinking differently about drawing, I'd reccomend reading some of it, even if the subject of pinup isn't as interesting, this applies to all drawing

That is a great example of finding a gesture and using practical methods of figure invention. It makes a huge difference on people's inital look at the work.
hey kv!
Really nice studies! I really like the still lives. They have really nice value and texture.
Also Your armor study is very nice!
I see you drew an armor on your last character as well. You are very good at depicting metal in your studies, the highlights and how it reflects colors and shapes from the environment, you should apply the knowledge of your studies to your character design as well! (just a suggestion, assuming her armor is of the same material)
Keep up the practice! Looking forward to your chow entry!
Aye kv, really convincing metal studies you got going on there. Maybe you could write up a little description for your characters in the corner somewhere. Details about their personality or values, how you intended the viewer to feel while looking at the painting, etc. and see if other people are getting the same vibes.

For instance: "heroic, battleworn knight wields her greatsword proudly after a hard fought war". In this case, does her armor reflect damage being taken? Does her stance support her valiant effort, or is she just casually doing...something? Fedo's got a point about the cool-standing-pose thing. I'm not completely sure what kind of attitude she's giving off, but jotting down a quick note might help reinforce the main idea as you work through it.
Looks like someone's been actively visting other people's sketchbooks. Look at all these lovely comments.

You been so kind to my sketchbook I thought give some love back. People here kinda beat me to the punch will all the advice here D: Now I have nothing really worthwhile to say.

Just don't get discouraged. Try to do your characters/illustrations and push them as far as you can.
Even if you can manage to get the most awesome rendering and pose done. Each painting you do is a lesson learned.

Keep up the studies and the personal stuff and you'll do great.

Also that armor study came out really well! Look at it. You really captured all the highlights and reflections which isn't easy. Very well done :)
I'm baackk from rolling around trying to learn 3D.  I was supposed to start my chow like 2 days ago but I'm not smart and waited until this morning.  I cranked it out in 8 hours, but I paint slow as shit so that wasn't enough time for what I wanted to get it to in terms of finish.  D;.  I actually like it so far so if any has any crits on it so far I'll be actively listening to them for when I finish.  I'm aware its very flat right now btw hehehe.  I haven't scanned any of my paper stuff but I'll actually do that tonight.  I'm also getting a free imac tonight so I'ma mess around with that too. 

Not much to post a first attempt render in Fusion 360 (I followed a tutorial to create the model).  

@Zipfelzeus It's not much of a community if you don't encourage people and give out the advice you can :D.  Thanks for the encouragement it means a lot.

@Hozure That's a good idea.  I could imagine it helping me out a lot before even creating the painting itself.  Thanks for stopping by my sketchbook. 

@Mariyan Thanks man, love your stuff btw.  I have to inject more anime into my veins to get those poses right ;D. 

@Voodoomama Thanks for stopping by, really awesome to get feedback from you.  I will defiantly whip up a shiny knight piece soon.  

@Fedodika Thanks man, I'm grateful you took some more time to give me a crit.  I need to step up my gesture from imagination game I guess.  One question, is the pose inherently stiff or is it more how I drew it?
I think the pose you drew is inherently stiff, it would even be in a photo of someone in that stance. I made you a few notes here, I see you are trying to do something dynamic here, but I'm gonna provide you a few examples so you know what I'm talking about

low shot

At height



Doesn't mean these will always be the best fit for any situation, BUT! to show a dynamic scene like yours, there's gotta be a lot more dynamics in the camera, as well as the pose. Also avoid big squares in the composition, i mean doing only flat square shapes. Let me know if anything I'm saying doesn't make sense, I'm having trouble putting it into words..
@Fedodika - Ahhh, I see now.  Also thanks for the information.  I can't really fix the camera at this stage of the illustration, but I will keep that in mind in my next composition :D.  

Small update, still tinkering with 3D. Oy vey.  I worked on the illustration for a few more hours hopefully its a tid bit better now. I skimped on the right of the illustration and on the other character but ehh time to move on I think. I'm excited to work on my next one >:D.
Hi y’all, I’m resurrecting theee ol sketchbook.  I got in a huge art slump around 2017-2019.  I got addicted to games and pretty much avoiding important things in my life.  I started getting back in the swing of things a year ago. I want to connect and share with other artists again.  I’ll try to be active in helping people and giving praise when it’s due ;D.  I’ll post WIP ideas and my studies.  I’m pretty interested in learning blender and actually practicing composition/perspective too.  My favorite thing to draw is anime girls of course though.  My progress has been slow. I’m aiming to improve not just my art but habits/schedule. I’m quite slow at painting atm.  

My main studies have been drawing people at local coffee shop lately.  I’ll share some recents stuff may post more later on.  My line quality super weak on my iPad rn.  I ordered a paper like screen protector so hopefully it assuages that problem a tad.
Dude, nice jump in improvement, your rendering got a lot better! Hope you keep posting here :D
Studies are looking good,
Would suggest working on grouping values a bit more.
some of your pieces have a bit of a harsh dark moments through out which make them less clear, bit muddy.
also try to continually re address proportions and anatomy throughout the whole time you're painting.
there's allot of skillful moments in your work but all I'm drawn to is the smallness of her thumb
remember you control the whole painting, practice leading the eye in sequence of where you would like the viewer to look and play up the detail and contrast towards important areas as if to help say oi, look here.

Good stuff, keep pushing!
Did a little bit of paint over
by no means perfect, just trying to suggest how you could proceed with it
When I looked at your original one, my eyes flicked between her eye, the knife and the light on her nose and struggled to settle.
I tried to make the first point be her eye.
you can test this while you paint by closing your eyes, opening them and being conscious of how they travel through the piece and then gauge how effectively it matches your intent.
you can get your light to create more interesting shapes to make the forms read less basic and at the same time use it to point towards areas of interest.

her hands felt a little awkward, i just physically made that pose myself and felt what might be more natural and adjusted.
I altered her expression to look a little more tense to reflect what shes considering doing to herself in that moment.

and where theres fire theres smoke. you can play atmosphere to your advantage, pushing back areas that are less important and spilling some light and colour into the piece

hope that helps in some way.
[Image: kv_sketch_by_andrew_gibbons_de1ui94-pre....1fRZ9I3e5E]
If you want a bit more drama can also add a tear in her eye cos it is a pretty messed up spot to be in.
and if you wanna have blood on her hands probably a good idea to add some to the zombie mushroom,
if you want to make the connection that its on her hand from her touching that area.

cool, have a nice day

[Image: de1uqgn-21fa1530-a41e-4fdd-a65f-161f199b...I7x6Pqs9JU]
@ognjiša thanks, I wish it could be more, but I’m grateful for the progress I’ve been able to make so far nonetheless :D. 

@xelfereht Wow! I appreciate the paint over.  I see your points.  I’ll keep what you’ve said in mind going forward.  I definitely over render shit and lose focus visually using the atmosphere more is also a great point.  

More life studies, today was pretty slow so not much got done, I have two paintings I’m playing around with.  The crazy sky skeleton one is just a thumbnail atm, but I’d like to share it if anyone has feedback on how it reads and the composition. 

Also, does anyone have recommendations for art scheduling.  I usually get about 4-5 hours on days I work and 6-8 on my off days.  How do you like to balance studies and personal projects? Lately, I’ve been just been trying to learn from illustrations or concepts rather than just doing studies. Thanks y’all.
(07-24-2020, 09:12 AM)kvSketch Wrote: [ -> ]Also, does anyone have recommendations for art scheduling.  I usually get about 4-5 hours on days I work and 6-8 on my off days.  How do you like to balance studies and personal projects? Lately, I’ve been just been trying to learn from illustrations or concepts rather than just doing studies. Thanks y’all.
It's late where I am, so this feedback won't be l0ng. In general, your work could use some structure (perspective, forms, directed brushstrokes, and clear color palette among other things). Structure in a painting is one of the hardest thing for artists to master, but it's integral to making a piece look "solid" or "clearly readable". In a lot of ways it's like confidence, it comes naturally if you know what you're doing, but you can fake it of course.

As for your question about balance, It sounds like you've got the right idea. Study topics that can be used in your personal projects if you want to kill 2brds-1stone.
Thanks for taking time to write some feedback Jalmon.  I agree with you and learning all of that has been a slow process for me.  I certainly have made some serious improvement these past 8 months or so after I decided to schedule life drawing into my weeks.  I have a long way to go still.  I’m currently going through Scott Robertson’s book and learn perspective.  Painting has always felt like the Wild West to me since there’s so many directions to take and learn from.

Just some doodles, life drawings, and general practice.  I have nothing pretty to show atm.  Haha.
Welcome back kvSketch, it's good to see you filling your sketchbook again. I like the variety you have to your sketchbook; lots of studies and finished pieces. I'm quite fond of your latest knight piece, there's nice detailing to the armour.

You mentioned art scheduling a few posts ago. While I'm still struggling to find what works, I've been finding lately pre-planning my week/s has been mega helpful. With personal projects I give myself deadlines I want to hit, then break it down into day-by-day goals. Then within that, I can plan what I need to study (like if I know I need to draw a face tomorrow, I'll do face studies today in preparation). So I'm studying what I can immediately apply to a personal project.

Like Jalmon said, kill two birds with one stone by studying what you need to for a project piece. You'll learn more when you apply what you've learnt, as opposed to just grinding studies for the sake of studying
Thanks chubby_cat, it can be difficult to keep focused on one project.  I admire your sketchbook because you seem very focused.  I often hit walls with illustrations and attempt procrastinating by moving onto something else. 

This week realized I have no idea how to paint trees/nature so my latest illustration ideas have been ha,Ted while I do some studies.  A tad bit to embarrassed to post my environment studies rn so here’s doodles from the week haha. I’m been working on perspective a bit.  Particularly with figures,  I have a hard time keeping proportion/anatomy correct so still working on it.  Drawing cars a bit lately too because they always seemed complex and outta reach so it’s been fun learning how to draw em.
Just some update scribbles.  Hopefully a painting soon ;D.  Drawings feeling flat gonna work on some foreshortening and form in my studies.
More stufffff
Damn! You have a very good sense of gesture and overall the proportions and aesthetics are quite pleasing, specially with the faces. You also always have something going on, telling a story or mood and that is great. If you want to practice something out I would say hands are what I see you could work at anatomy wise, sometimes you leave them loose or look a tad crooked compared with the rest of the body, but not always. My favorite from the last bunch was the bunny girl in lingerie with the sword, the pose and head turn, the rhythm of the proportions and forms all seems fun to me! and is a nice contrast ha, weapon against outfit.
Aside from that just keep on doing! What are your goals?
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