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Full Version: Asking about new intuos pro pth 660
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Hi, daggers. I need suggestion

Old topic
I planning to buy new wacom for replacing my old one which is small intuos 4. I aim for wacom intous pro but I'm confused which size should I buy. The thing I'm confused is that do the size of medium and large have lmpact gap on drawing precision? My monitor size is 22" and screen res 1080 by the way. 

Also i would gladly to hear   what other professional artist using on their setup on size monitor and size wacom they used

Thanks. [Image: smile.png]

EDITED : I Changed the topic. because i already figure what size wacom should I choose. Thanks a lot guys and gals [Image: smile.png]

Now new Topic

Do you guys think wacom intuos pro pth 660 worth purchase? Please share if you or your friends have experience this new intuos pro

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My personal experience is that the large size is great, especially if you're like me and have duel monitors. In reality though, I don't think the sizes really have major impacts on the drawing precision. Because the large tablet screen space is basically A4 sized, you do have to use your elbow and shoulder in the drawings, just not flicking your wrist.

Go for what one you want. Basically anything is going to feel great and more freeing after using a small tablet haha
Thanks, chubbycat. This helps me a lot. So large size is basiclly like drawing on big canvas. I think I will go for medium size since I don't getting used to draw on big canvas. :)
My advice is definitely not large :D Being into hard surface I have to draw a ton of strait lines, so the bigger the tablet the harder it is to make a good strait like. If i try to fix this by zooming out, usually my lines get crazy pixelized and its impossible to see what you are doing. Also if you need to zoom on the piece to work on some area you would need to move your arm around like crazy on that big tablet and it might be exhausting.
I tried  Bamboo and then Intuos medium, and had a lot easier time with lineart and control overall with Intuos Medium. I just love my  Intuos medium! Never really tried large so can't say anything about it.
Also I read that Feng Zhu students have to use medium :)
Thank you, Mariyan and Neopatogen. The information you guys gave me helps a lot. Now I positive going for medium size 100% :D

So after some searching, I saw new intuos pro pth 660 just released recently. But the problem is I saw some complain about it and some say it is good. Is it actually worth to buy that one? What's you guys thought about it?
Wich complain you saw? I dint hear of any about the Intuos Pro.
I should defenatly buy the pro one because of the new pen. So much more sensitive in the low pressure spectrum.

About sizes.
Its all about the scale relationship of what you draw and see. Its pointless to talk small, medium, big without saying it with the monitor size.

In your case an intuos medium on a 22 inch will be roughly 1:2 What you see will be double of what you draw.

You can draw 1:1 or 1:1.5 or 1:2 or 1:3  beyond that I think starts to get crazy.
I myself, can switch from 1:1 to a 1:2 and in a phew minutes im feeling comfortable enough. 

In general If you want to draw from shoulder you want the bigger the better tablet. 
I myself use an intuos 4 xl on a 22 inch and draw 1:1
While Im pretty happy with it I dont advise it.
They dont build xl anymore and that thing is really cumbersome to have it around. 

At the end isnt going to matter much. If you can control the line on 1:1 you will do so in a 1:3 and if you can draw/paint 1:1 you will be able to doit 1:3.

Im pretty sure 90% if not more of the digital art is done on medium or even smaller size.

One important thing semi offtopic.
BE VERY CAREFUL that your monitor has a square pixel density. MANY MANY monitors in general the wider ones dont have the same vertical to horizontal pixel density and they stretch the image.
Best way to check it is to draw a perfect square with marque tool and measure it on your monitor to check that the sizes are the same lenght.

You dont want to be drawing something and seeing a streched version of it.
I just googled them and holy crap why are intuos so expensive, they're literally a piece of plastic...
Tbh I've always disliked non screen tablets so if I was in your place I'd probably look into those wacom alternatives like ugee and huion for a cintiq-like thing, the cintiq 13 is like 200 bucks more than the intuos large too...

But yeah, assuming you reaally need it to be wacom and you do prefer traditional tablets I'd go with the medium, I find it easier to coordinate when making smaller movements.

Thanks, Alfonsox. Really appreciate all these information you gave. I'll be sure to keep that in mind :)

The major problem I saw on this new intuos pro pth 660 are the nibs wearing off quickly and have some driver issue. But indeed there some have no problem
but that's from early review back 4 months ago. They probably already fix the driver

So I wanted to know if others have good experience with this intuos pro 2017.

yea, I used wacom for over 6 years already. I kinda don't want to adapt different stylus X)
Small is good for pen navigation in windows/macOS but not really great for drawing. I use a large because even a medium to me is a little too restricting. With a small you have to zoom in a lot to work. With a medium you can zoom in less. With a large, its far more natural and it allows you more precise control. I know Wacom is expensive but buy the medium or even the large. 

If money is a concern, perhaps wacom is not for you. Look at buying a XP-Pen Digital Art Tablet . They are just as feature rich as Wacom and their large tablet Deco 01 ( ) costs $60 . They work very well. They are FAR more affordable.