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Ok time to do this!

For the sake of being transparent I'm gonna warm things up with some old stuff

1997 (I think, cos that's the year Spice World came out) shh it gets worse..
[Image: 20170510_175544_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf6qir.jpg]
[Image: 20170510_175747_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf6qka.jpg]
Told you it got worse.. Don't hate, I was 10

[Image: that_will_guy_by_bfgbboy_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf6po6.jpg]

(don't judge me too harshly for this)
[Image: spot_of_courage_by_bfgbboy_by_andrew_gib...bf6pob.jpg]

or this..
[Image: broken03102010_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf6q5c.jpg]

[Image: woman_sketch_14_by_rhefleks-d4lqfr8.jpg]

[Image: woman_sketch_4_by_rhefleks-d3fkxh2.jpg]

[Image: woman_sketch_6_by_rhefleks-d3jap2a.jpg]

[Image: woman_sketch_17_by_rhefleks-d4lqgv3.jpg]

[Image: japanese_girl_nude_by_rhefleks-d4n3eko.jpg]

[Image: japanese_girl_in_school_uniform_by_rhefleks-d4mj8d9.jpg]
Somewhere during 2013 was the time I decided to git goooood!

[Image: practice1_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf6suw.jpg]

[Image: agirl2_5sep_2013_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf6rkn.jpg]

[Image: girl_sketchbook2_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf6rjz.jpg]

[Image: fruit_princess_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf6rk4.jpg]

[Image: girl__3__by_andrew_gibbons-dbf6rk2.jpg]

[Image: macchan_on_paperback_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf6rjc.jpg]

[Image: girls_sketches_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf6rjl.jpg]

[Image: medusa_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf6rik.jpg]

[Image: face_practice_1_by_rhefleks-d6gvak2.jpg]

[Image: girl_on_bed_by_rhefleks-d6gvi4o.jpg]

[Image: face_practice_2_by_rhefleks-d6h0rzl.jpg]

[Image: emma_watson_by_rhefleks-d6hxyd8.jpg]

[Image: self_portrait_2013_by_xelfereht-d84vqie.jpg]
Self Portrait 2013

[Image: medic_white_bg_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf6rj4.png]

[Image: battletoads_character_design_concept_by_...72ptvv.jpg]

[Image: female_character_design___cora_nakasato_...73ge6u.jpg]

[Image: lightning_returns_ffxiii_by_xelfereht-d77copb.jpg]

[Image: frog_throw2_25feb2014_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf6tqu.jpg]

[Image: in_death_s_shadow___female_witch_doctor_...77xfkc.jpg]

[Image: felicia_flats_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf6tr3.jpg]

[Image: kotaro_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf6tqj.jpg]

[Image: straw_hat_pirates_by_xelfereht-d7l7ty1.jpg]

[Image: requiem_for_a_boiled_goose_by_xelfereht-d7no31r.jpg]

[Image: zombie_lordess_by_xelfereht-d83w4o5.jpg]

[Image: 1_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf6tsv.jpg]
[Image: geishamurai_by_xelfereht-d85ivmu.jpg]

[Image: geisha_turned_samurai_concept_by_xelfereht-d85otrx.jpg]

[Image: studies__2__by_andrew_gibbons-dbf6tt1.jpg]

[Image: 135_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf6trz.jpg]
[Image: croquis_cafe_sketches_by_xelfereht-d84zyuh.jpg]
[Image: tracer___overwatch_by_xelfereht-d862htr.jpg]

[Image: 8_limbed_contortionist_by_xelfereht-d86x7kl.jpg]

[Image: self_portrait_2014_by_xelfereht-d84vqz0.jpg]
self portrait 2014

[Image: outcast_odyssey___steampunk_warrior_stag...8f5hyg.jpg]

[Image: female_head_studies_by_xelfereht-d8gmxne.jpg]

[Image: 8_limbed_concept_by_xelfereht-d8tovcg.jpg]

[Image: naru_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf78wo.jpg]

[Image: aeon_overdrive__final_fantasy_x_by_andre...9cizxr.jpg]

[Image: angels2ooo_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf79p3.jpg]

[Image: self_portrait_2015_by_xelfereht-d9f4pfj.jpg]

[Image: no_ref_test_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf78wd.jpg]

[Image: science_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf78w5.jpg]

[Image: bruce_lee_caricature_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf78wx.jpg]

[Image: liuxi_in_the_sky_with_dragons_by_andrew_...9h3iby.jpg]

[Image: locke_d_on___halo5_by_xelfereht-d9jwb0s.jpg]

[Image: fuu_breakdance___samurai_champloo_by_xel...9lw68h.jpg]

[Image: 1_hour_portrait_study_by_xelfereht-d9onf74.jpg]

[Image: bernard_the_tree_spirit_by_andrew_gibbons-d9phmly.jpg]

[Image: herm_cent_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf7a6m.jpg]

[Image: caricature_coursekju_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf7a6z.jpg]

[Image: mtgvampire3_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf7bm2.jpg]

[Image: manticore1_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf7a63.jpg]

[Image: alienpredatorengineer_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf7a5d.jpg]

[Image: process___the_revolution_will_not_be_tel...9vv58l.jpg]

[Image: the_revolution_will_not_be_televised_by_...9vv227.jpg]

[Image: pearl_tea__by_andrew_gibbons-d9yjfgr.jpg]

[Image: harpy_by_andrew_gibbons-da4xg3y.jpg]

[Image: dailydraw_5_6_2016_by_andrew_gibbons-da56urd.jpg]

[Image: dailydraw_6_6_2016_by_andrew_gibbons-da57ka9.jpg]

[Image: dailydraw__7_6_2016_by_andrew_gibbons-da5hhl7.jpg]

[Image: dailydraw__8_6_2016_by_andrew_gibbons-da5ly32.jpg]

[Image: geisha_samurai_concept_by_andrew_gibbons-da67u8t.jpg]

[Image: chibiguts_by_andrew_gibbons-da9mne1.jpg]

[Image: pencil_portrait_by_andrew_gibbons-dabsdu5.jpg]

[Image: japanese_wedding_by_andrew_gibbons-daf94th.jpg]

[Image: limina_by_andrew_gibbons-dar52yf.jpg]

[Image: angelos_by_andrew_gibbons-dar53d1.jpg]

[Image: amazon_girl_by_andrew_gibbons-dar53kc.jpg]

[Image: aussie_hip_hop_by_andrew_gibbons-dar543u.jpg]

[Image: prince_harming_by_andrew_gibbons-db4l6fe.jpg]

[Image: pencil_portrait_of_the_wifey_by_andrew_g...b7gy3q.png]

[Image: pencil_portrait_of_my_fren_by_andrew_gib...b7gyg2.png]

[Image: gadreel___angelarium_fan_art_by_andrew_g...belf8z.jpg]

[Image: sketch_02_07_2017_by_andrew_gibbons-dbes7yg.jpg]

[Image: quickie_03_07_2017deviant_cat_by_andrew_...bet6jd.jpg]

[Image: quickie_04_07_2017_by_andrew_gibbons-dbey0gp.jpg]

[Image: fletcher_by_andrew_gibbons-dbf4y0a.jpg]
Currently working on this..Spider Gwen Venom.. Gwenom
think after this is Mary Jane Carnage

[Image: gwenom_by_andrew_gibbons-dbfexy2.jpg]
[Image: gwenom3_by_andrew_gibbons-dbfexxx.jpg]
[Image: gwenom4_by_andrew_gibbons-dbffi4v.jpg]
[Image: gwenom6_by_andrew_gibbons-dbfggke.jpg]
Tired.. going to bed
[Image: gwenom8_by_andrew_gibbons-dbfripa.jpg]
not sure hair or no hair....
Tried live streaming on twitch for the first time ever..

just did some fig drawing

follow my twitch channel if you wanna come chill n chat next time

[Image: figures_10072017_by_andrew_gibbons-dbfr4bf.jpg]
1 Hour referenced portrait of Sansa from Game of Thrones.. cant wait for more GOT...
dunno, brains a bit switched off so didn't think this one through much..
just drawing faces to get better at drawing faces..

[Image: sansa_stark___game_of_thrones_11_07_2017...bfsifw.jpg]
Quick portrait of my Niece
took about an hour
trying to get a reasonably finished result in a short time to contrast the pieces that I spend months rendering...

[Image: miko_by_andrew_gibbons-dbfvjw8.jpg]
The Hound
55 min
referenced from a single photo
I recorded the process if you wanna have a look

[Image: the_hound___game_of_thrones_12_07_2017_b...bfxwkr.jpg]
Ned Stark
1 hour in photoshop
for process video click HERE

[Image: ned___game_of_thrones_12_07_2017_by_andr...bg0eut.jpg]
Wow! Awesome progression dude, thanks for sharing :).
(07-12-2017, 10:51 PM)Artloader Wrote: [ -> ]Wow!  Awesome progression dude, thanks for sharing :).

No problem, I'm happy if it helps someone. Took ages to upload all the old stuff haha
I'm nothing special (yet) but I'm trying to get back to more consistent community involvement
and if possible give back cos daggers sparked a fire to get better for me years ago
so feel free to give me a shout here or on discord if you need some crits or anything
(again not trying to say I'm anything special, just another guy trying to improve)
peace an thanks again for having a look at my werrrrrrks
Grey Worm
Thought it would be more informative to include the reference used
For video of painting process click HERE
[Image: greyworm_process_by_andrew_gibbons-dbg22c3.jpg]
your control of faces and understanding of all the pieces seems pretty insane, love looking at your stuff! Freaking insanely good stuff! That piece with all the hands... crazy. Awesome to see your journey from the start too, really inspiring!

Incidentally I know Grey Worm (Jacob), he used to come round my house when he was a kid, dead proud of him XD
(07-14-2017, 02:05 AM)JyonnyNovice Wrote: [ -> ]your control of faces and understanding of all the pieces seems pretty insane, love looking at your stuff! Freaking insanely good stuff! That piece with all the hands... crazy. Awesome to see your journey from the start too, really inspiring!

Incidentally I know Grey Worm (Jacob), he used to come round my house when he was a kid, dead proud of him XD
Thanks for the kind words, getting there slowly :)
endless struggles but you keep learning a thing or 2 each day and you must be getting somewhere right? lol
really love seeing subtle shapes that show peoples understanding of figures so i want to achieve that level of subtlety eventually.. the portraits have been something good for mileage and getting to grips with facial forms and variations you come across..
enjoying it and hope I can maintain consistency

thats cool you know Grey Worm! haha Thrones is an amazing show..
Doing a few busts of Patrons today
I'm so humbled to get any support from anyone..
each took about an hour
going for very mild caricaturing of features
or maybe its just less accuracy but hopefully still recognizable as the person
[Image: patron_portrait___maxximo_by_andrew_gibbons-dbg5ysf.jpg]
[Image: patron_portrait___sarah_by_andrew_gibbons-dbg5zpe.jpg]
[Image: patron_portrait___maggie_by_andrew_gibbons-dbg6ecj.jpg]
A few more patron portraits
just going straight colour just picking re actively and adjusting as I go 

[Image: patron_portrait___marcus_by_andrew_gibbons-dbg6wet.jpg]
[Image: patron_portrait___david_by_andrew_gibbons-dbg9ayp.jpg]
[Image: patron_portrait___chris_by_andrew_gibbons-dbg9n56.jpg]
More of these
I can feel the learning from doing these regularly even though I'm mostly painting these when I'm drained at the end of the day.
Getting to know and notice the subtle differences from one face to another and skin tones..
Portrait studies..I can recommend for sureeeeeeeeee
If thats a subject matter that interests you, or even not

[Image: patron_portrait___david_by_andrew_gibbons-dbgg3gp.jpg]
[Image: patron_portrait___carmen_by_andrew_gibbons-dbgqj4e.jpg]
[Image: patron_portrait___nang_by_andrew_gibbons-dbgws8p.jpg]
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