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Full Version: Intro - Help Request
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Hey, Anthony from Dominican Republic here. Awesome forum; thanks for accepting me.

I'm 31 at this moment & have always loved drawing & illustration since my childhood. I have been developing my talent on paper since... ever, but haven't taken the step of learning further on due to indecision & letdowns. Currently I'm working as a Customer Service rep over here, concluding my System Engineer career as well. Not out of love for the craft, you guys know.

Lately I discovered Noah Bradley's marvelous blog "Don’t Go To Art School" ( & since reading it, I have been seriously deciding on giving my life a chance, trying to do something out of my life not for money or security. Noah recommended this forum for accountability, but I would just like further information to clarify my doubts & any advise on dedicating myself to my true talent (ah, I'm feeling like a child again!).

Will be reading from you guys soon. I posted in some of my drawings for reviews on this post. Enjoy!